Zelda Fan-Fic!

  • The Legend of Zelda: Path of Darkness

    Part One

    In the darkened depths of Hyrule, an evil God name Garogh lay dormant and forgotten by the people of the land. The unruly being lay, and as he stirred, he dreamed of what once was.
    Long ago, when the three Goddesses descended upon the baron wasteland which they created to be Hyrule, Garogh, the evil God of Darkness ripped through the celestial barrier separating Hyrule from the heavens. And as the Three created Hyrule, Garogh crafted, with his own hands, the Dark World.
    Before the three Goddesses fled to the heavens, they discovered a dark creation in existance and went to check upon it...They covered the darkness with a righteous light, surrounding the darkness and purifying the land. They christened this land the Golden Land and then ascended into the heavens. Garogh, broken and beaten, noticed the three create the symbol of majesty, the Triforce and, before its completion and his own downfall, he corrupted the Triforce itself and made one fatal alteration...

    Many hundreds of years passed, during which many Hyrulian scholars, Hylian, Zora, Goron, and Subrosian alike wrote many chapters on which the Triforce was the item of discussion.
    During this time, many people attempted to gain access to the sacred holding place of the Triforce of the Goddesses. In the attempt however, all fell under the spell of the Golden Land, and were seen no more.
    Battles were fought, over who would attempt to enter the realm, hoping that victory in battle would prove to the Three that these warriors had earned the right to claim the powers of the Triforce but, like those before them, they too vanished and were seen no more.
    Three Hundred years, later, on the dawning of war, the many beings of Hyrule are still vying for a chance at the Golden Power that resides in the Sacred Land....All but a young man named Link.

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  • Linkstirred as he slept. For months now, ha had been having the same dream, that a darkened void in the sky had begun to suck the innocence out of Hyrule. One by one, people in his dream were becomming more and more evil as all the nice thoughts, feelings, and deeds were being sucked away.
    Suddenly, he awoke, and found himself in a cold sweat on the floor.

    "I've got to stop having these dreams" he said, "They've been re-occuring over the last few days". Link got up, put on his shirt, and grabbed a dear item laying on his shelf. His ocarina, a shiney red musical instrument, was the only thing he had left to remind him of his family.

    When Link was but a child, his father was commander of the 33rd Hylian batallion, a brigade of knights fighting in the 8th battle for the Golden Power. During one of his many battles, he was felled viciously by a hooded figure carrying a giant sword. This figures forces then made way into the forest village where Link and his family lived. Everybody died except for a few people: Link, an old woman named Maryll, and a family of Kokiri. The red Ocarina, which his father played to sooth him to sleep every night, had somehow managed to survive the fire and destruction that had taken place nearly 17years ago.

    As he placed the Ocarina back on the mantel, he grabbed yet another item, the Royal Sword, the weapon of his father blessed by the King of Hyrule. The sword had been the only thing returned to Link after his father's death and, as Link had grown, he had learned to use it. It proved most useful in the years which the Seven sageg had asked Link to venture into the heart of Hyrule to retrieve the Scrolls of the Seven Wise Ones from the hands of a gang of powerfully magical thieves.

    Link sheathed the sword, and with a turn on his heels, walked out the door of his cottage.


    As he walked through his door, he remembered his dream. Had what he had dreamed of really have happened? Do visions and beckons really enter one's mind when he sleeps?
    During his sleep, Link had dreamt of a visit from a glowing light.

    "I am the spirit of the Triforce, Link. You have been summoned by the soul of Hyrule itself to save it from a dark threat. I can see by the look on your face you do not understand...

    "Many a century ago, when Hyrule was on the verge of creation, a dark God named Garogh descended through a tear in the celestial makeup of the universe. He created the dark world, but was foiled by the Three of Hyrule. Before his enslavement in the depths of the land, he corrupted the Triforce with an evil essence. That essence has now spread to the Three Goddesses themselves, and awakening Garogh from his slumber.

    "The Three have no idea what they do, for they are under Garogh's mystic spell, making them as evil as he, even more evil than the land he forged. He now resides in a temple along a magical highway between this world and the Dark World, now known as the Golden Land, entitled the Patway of Darkness.

    "I, the soul of Hyrule beckon you to foil his plot for he is attempting to take over Hyrule itself....I leave you with this weapon, the blade of heroes, to aid in your quest to vanquish evil. Good-Luck, Link"

    Link didn't believe what he had just witnessed. Up until the time he woke up, he had thought this message to have been just a dream, until he opened his eyes to find the Master Sword laying on his bed. He picked it up, and sheathed it, in a sheath along side the Royal Sword.