Elements of Fury

  • Intro:
    Long ago, in the vastness that would someday be Hyrule, an enity lived among the runes of an ancient civilization, the Lhyans. Many say it is from the Lhyans that the Hylians and Shiekah descended. The Shiekah gain their magic from the ancient scrolls of mana passed down from Lhyan elder to elder, whereas the Hylians were granted their wisdom from the many scholars possessed by the Lhyan culture. All this matters not, as the culture has ceased to exist for thousands of decades.

    In great times of war, the Lhyan people would turn to their Sanctuary where the physical forms of the elements were kept: Earth, Fire, Water, Light, Darkness, Wind, and Ice. It was ona basis of mutuality that the people stayed alive and the elements could stay safe from harms way, but all this seemed to change when a great war broke out between the Lhyanes and the Element of Darkness which, when held in the wrong hands, could reach no limit of power.

    Sadly, the civilization died out, along with the ability to harness the elements for the good of mankind. Nobody survived except for one woman who, after much toil and hardship, managed to place her baby in a protective realm before she too passed away.

    Years later, after Hyrule became known, a woman and her husband are seen walking through the forest when the wife stumbled on a rune stone. This stone resembled a doorknob in so many ways that, when the lady tripped on it, a magical light filled the area, and when it faded, a young baby boy was crying under the willowing bows of a nearby tree...