Do not get scammed (Volume #2)

  • So I originally bought the Disk and Digital versions of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (preordered) for the Wii U.

    My wee little 12 year old niece had a Wii U and I ended up giving her my BotW for her Birthday because she LOVES The Legend of Zelda. I decided to buy me a new copy just to have for keeps unopened. Because I should've honestly done this a long time ago with my GC and Wii zelda games.....

    Anyways I went to and I saw an offer for the game for $36.88, I said GOOD deal and I went to nab it up, when I clicked on it the Price changed to $43.55 and I said fucking rip off and backed out. I then went to and those of you NOT in america might know the company by the name of "EB Games", same company.

    They had new copies of BotW for the Wii U for $34.97 and used copies for $39.99 (what a joke right LOL). I wanted a new one and I bought it. I literally got it in the mail today and the game has already been opened and they taped the case shut with a sticker, and then without having any shrink-wrap on it they had stuck a price sticker on the exposed case.

    I was furious.

    If you buy a new game at gamestop. Open it in front of them and then proceed to try to sell it back, they will only buy it back as used even if you never technically opened the case.

    But what gives them the right to open a brand new game case use it as a display model and then return the disk to the case and then sell it as new later? That is dumb.

    I called the customer support, a lady was telling me that I had to get them the "defective" copy before they would issue a replacement. I told her no and me and her bickered for around 20 minutes. I asked for the escalation team and he issued me a replacement to my house with a return label for the old one.

    You buy a new game so you can open it yourself right? Or am I completely missing the point of new games? I will let you be the judge, here is a picture of the game in the attached image.....