Link's Awakening - Switch

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    Who here is all super excited about the idea Nintendo had to remaster and technically rerelease Link's Awakening, with new graphics for a new generation? I was totally taken off guard. What changes do you think we will get?

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    I am enchanted with the whole thing. I am looking forward to the remake. The style is fresh while keeping the view of the original, including the side-scrolling.

    There are many things going in my head with the official art design choice for Link. I am hoping they will keep the DX things and we get the unlockable funny pictures redone in that Oracle Link kind of design.

    I wonder if the shop keeper is gonna still be able to kill you. If your name will be switched to THIEF if you steal something.

    If you can get that Yoshi plush (maybe it'd be the model from Craft World).

    Something I am wondering about as well is if they will keep the ending of the game the same