A Heart's Song (poem)

  • A Heart's Song

    Thump, thump...
    The rhythm of my heart's soft beat
    Continues through the night, even while I sleep
    Thump, thump...
    Every second, every minute, every hour
    My heart beats with indescribable power
    Thump, thump...
    Playing a song, such a sweet melody
    Repeating its rhythm with such intensity
    Thump, thump...
    Always a tune of how I feel
    Changing with the mood, I find it surreal
    Thump, thump...
    How could this heart of mine always be
    Dancing to songs that are made just for me
    Thump, thump...
    It rings in my ears and soothes my soul
    Forever playing a tune that's my own
    Thump, thump...
    Going through time, beyond eternity
    It's the rhythm of my heart's soft beats
    Thump, thump


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