Possible Release Date of Breath of the Wild 2 Sequel

  • Hey all, Happy New Year. It's 2021 now and because of the mess 2020 gave us, a lot of games may have been delayed in terms of development. Game Development takes time, and releasing a rushed game will not only damage the game's public image, but also the Company's Values as well (Thanks Cyberpunk and CD Projekt Red). But anyways, if you are a part of Nintendo and has control on when to release games, what date would you possibly release Breath of the Wild 2? And while you are at it, if you were to make a special edition bundle, what goodies will you put in and how much will it cost?

  • I think they might milk us with some more unnecessary game releases first. Like HW: Age of Calamity.

    I have been waiting for almost four years for Twilight Princess and Wind Waker to get a release on Switch. So I am bad at guessing lol.

    If I were to buy it it would just be the base edition of the game. It is not worth anything more than that. Especially since I buy physical and digital for everything.

  • BotW2 feels like a November 2021 release at the earliest. Though, BotW came out in like March or something, correct? And it obviously performed quite well. Though I suspect that was more a result of Nintendo being desperate to get the Switch out as soon as possible, and to start it with a heavy hitter like a mainline Zelda game.