Link's Arm is related to the Mummified one

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    Yeah, I know I probably won't make much sense but I couldn't let the thought slip by without sharing it with you guys, where else can it be a great place to post it than in our very own community. ^^

    So, while watching the clip of Nintendo's announcement about the launch timing update for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, I can't help but notice Link's right hand as he slowly raises it to take out the Master Sword. The well defined long nails and the jewelry around it and it reminded me more of the shot with the mummified men oozing malice sealed with the green energy hand. A bit too much. So of course I went back to check the first video to show you guys what I mean:

    Zelda Looking at the mummy's hand

    Link's right hand being raised as he's about to unsheathe the Master Sword. Long nails, a darker skin than his natural color is clearly shown, in addition gold tick stripes decorate the back of his hand, wrist and arm.

    You guys also can see it, right?

    And it is not just because time has passed because we can clearly see that BotW2 Link also got, trimmed nails.

    The left arm of Link from the same sequence, e can clearly appreciate shorter rounder nails in his natural hand.

    Furthermore when the green power is affecting Link for what seems to be the first time, his nails look short:

    Anyway, I might be completely off here but I still found this interesting enough to share. What do you guys think? ^^