Totk level restart

  • Hi thanks for the help

    I’ll tell you the whole story of my predicament

    I had completed all four batteries in the lightning temple ,got on lift with Roku and ascended to the boss level .

    Having failed to beat her ,having only four hearts and little stamina wheel I decided to venture out into the world to compete more shrines so as to increase my heart/stamina levels and also collect more weapons.

    On my return to the lightning temple I was greeted by Riju,got on lift to ascend to continue to boss and found I was only 75%powered up ,only to discover the fourth battery wasn’t powered up now cannot do so , the switch is down in the fourth battery room and riju can

    not fire it up I have five prior autosaves but only one for the lightning temple ,thanks for any help you can give me

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    Hi, Alan that sounds tough. Usually Nintendo is pretty good with counter measures. It is so weird that it saved that you were able to ascend with Riju but not that you have powered the 4 batteries.
    Did you ever find a way to reach the room or where you able to defeat the boss like that?

    It's been a while since I did that temple, so I'd probably would need trying to recreate what you described if I was to search for a solution. I really hope it didn't cost you the whole progress.