Kaynil's Paintings

  • That's a really awesome painting and the background info about the Mexican culture is fascinating. What kind of error did you have when trying to post that picture in the past?

  • What kind of error did you have when trying to post that picture in the past?

    For some reason it said that the extension didn't match the file content. Which is weird because
    1. I know I didn't tampered with the file.
    2. The file was in the same extension as the rest of the pictures from my mobile camera (JPEG)
    At first I thought it was Tapatalk and that the file was too big or something. Then I tried directly on the browser and I thought it was just my mobile browser not being able to process it correctly.
    Lastly when I passed it into the computer I had those errors so I just gave up. I didn't have the picture in a place easy to grab so by then I pretty much had decided to wait until I needed to dust off the box where I kept it and took another image.
    Luckily the snipping Tool seemed to work alright.

    My roommate is a builder and usually have projects involving cutting wood, he's very talented and needs to give himself more credit, but my asthma wakes up with the sawdust so I have been avoiding the courtyard. Today I brought my stuff upstairs I have no idea where or how will I rearrange things, but I am hoping I can produce more art.

    I'll be taking pictures and showing you here. :vio:

    *some time after*
    Wow, close to a year now and I haven't done anything. Maybe I should change that. :P

    *Even more months after the last comment*
    Wow. Half a year passsed before I changed that.

    Anyway, for those of you that follow me on twitter or instagram this might no come as a surprise. I am working in a Breath of the Wild painting.

    I am usually working once a week on it so it will take me a little while. Using acrylics.