Middle-Earth - Shadow of War

  • The highly anticipated sequel to one of the beat games ever "Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor" has been announced for release in August. I couldnt be more excited

    As a refresher, here is a trailer for the original game:

    And here is a trailer for the sequel

    And to be as politically correct I only saw two different black men and two women in the trailer.

    J.R.R Tolkien was very descriptive, I do not remember a single black man, elf, dwarf, hobbit in the whole series....

    I think the only black beings in them are the Ring-Wraiths, and Sauron and all bad guys....

    Maybe Tolkien was a racist......or he just wanted to graft an outstanding world with as little diversity besides race and gender as possible.

  • This game looks fun. I'm pretty interested in this game now that you mention it.

    I didn't notice that till you brought it up. But, you're right. J.R.R.Tolkien was very descriptive. I wonder if there isn't some reason in the game regarding the differences.

  • I loved Shadow of Mordor so much. I literally own it 8 times

    Xbox 360 - Disk and Digital (normal)
    PlayStation 3 - Disk and Digital (normal)
    Xbox One - Digital
    PlayStation 4 - Disk

    Xbox One - Game of the Year Edition - Digital
    PlayStation 4 - Game of the Year Edition - Digital

    And I beat it every time.