Nintendo announces Switch Online -- NES Games, Online Play, etc.

  • As unveiled here, Nintendo has finally revealed the plans regarding their upcoming subscription-based online service: Nintendo Switch Online.

    Among the announcement was a bit of a surprise: 20 NES games are coming to the online service that will be included with the subscription model. These games (apparently all?) feature multiplayer capabilities. This includes, the original Legend of Zelda!

    What are everyone else's thoughts on the service? My personal opinion is that it's great we're finally getting saves on the Switch, but it makes Nintendo the only current-gen console that doesn't offer some external means of backup of saves. I don't think you should have to pay a subscription to a monthly service to backup your own saves. Additionally, with the new NES announcement, I feel a bit worried. Nintendo also mentioned today they would NOT be continuing their Virtual Console platform as seen on other devices. Some speculate this is due to them axing the "Virtual Console" brand name, and instead going for a different approach (such as this subscription model). I for one hope they've not ignored their consumers again and actually disregarded any plans to have older games playable on the Switch.

  • I think on PlayStation if you do not have PS Plus you are not allowed to backup saves on the cloud meaning they are all local.

    I want the ability to play my primary nnid on any switch I pickup and already have my saves in tow. (So long as there is an internet connection nearby or hotspot via phone to load them first)