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    Well I beat Link's Awakening for the Nintendo Switch with zero deaths. I have 17 hearts and I am working on wrapping up all my seashells and hearts. I will upload a picture in a reply soon.

    I do speculate that Link will have some sort of power of sealing, and it involves his hand.

    As long as we are not required to Bob Ross our way through the game.

    "What a happy little cloud"

    I will try to get them added properly tomorrow. I am getting ready to go to bed. It was really great meeting you. We have a gallery you are welcome to post pictures, a blog you can start your own of. Feel free to mingle. Speak your mind, you will not be censored. I mean if it is something illegal or immoral maybe. We do not want the FBI taking down a Zelda site LOL!

    I am a heterosexual male myself, I have no problem with people of any sexual-orientation or NON orientation for that matter. I just prefer if it isn't constantly made about that, and I would prefer if people were not biased based on their own choices. If that make sense.

    Its like anything in the world I am fine with it. I would just prefer if it isn't crammed down my throat at every turn like, crossfit, veganism, and religion.

    I feel everyone should have the freedom to express themselves in anyway that makes them happy I would just prefer if people with opposing views were not ostracized for having their own conflicting opinions.

    I started the main website back in 2000, I grew up with this site and as I matured I figured my regulars would too. I started it before I turned 12...I am 31 this September.

    Kaynil is the boss of the forums here, and she has had some personal stuff happen recently and has not been active

    LinkSkywalker is a lazy bum and is not active either.

    Link <-- me, am the last bastion of defense for the forums, and I code on the website more than I am active here.

    But I do check it everyday I am just bad a posting. SO if you need anything tag any of us three and we will respond if we can.

    Maybe we can just Kaynil   Kaynil   Kaynil like beetlejuice and she will appear. *crosses fingers*

    Just FYI, we cuss here. We kind of say what we want without fear of judgement or banning as we are mostly all adults here. So I hope you will not be offended.

    Nice to meet you. If I talk about you I am allowed to say he and/or they. I do not wish to violate your preferred pronouns.

    It is a pleasure to have you here, and I hope you are active (we need it so bad)