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    Well, it is that time of year again. Woltlab released a new version of their outstanding software, and I jumped on the chance to upgrade it to the newest version.

    The previous version of our software was:

    Woltlab Suite Core 3.1

    Woltlab Forums 5.1 - (The forums were in development for a lot longer than the add-ons so it had a later number)

    Woltlab Gallery 3.1

    Woltlab Blog 3.1

    Woltlab Filebase 3.1

    The new version is all labeled 5.2 to resolve confusion in the numbering system.

    There are a ton of new features on 5.2, including a new reactions system :)

    Let me know what you all think!

    Due to information from a person named Emily Rogers (who has been known to leak Nintendo information that is fairly accurate). There is a rumor of two ports that are unannounced from the Wii U to be released on the Nintendo Switch this year. Speculation over which titles they can be are up for debate but fans of Zelda and myself included are hopeful that The Wind Waker and/or Twilight Princess will finally get its debut on the switch after getting an outstanding HD remaster on the undersold, and underappreciated Wii U console. The Wii U has sold poorly during its lifespan only selling a total of 13.5 million units. Though it had alot of great games, many of which have made their way to the Nintendo Switch all but a select few. There are plenty of people that never had the chance to pick up the HD remasters of these two Zelda games due to not owning a Wii U console. Doubtless alot of people would buy it (Twilight Princess) a second, or a third, or if you are like me....a fourth time just so they can own it on the modern generation of hardware.

    Please Nintendo hear your fans out, release the game we all love and want, The Wind Waker.

    I was making a joke about you formerly being a Mexican living in a border town of an American city. (it was a poor taste joke)

    Lots of democrat legislators are trying to get voting rights for non-US citizens. They are trying to maintain office positions with an illicit “brown” vote. By pandering and offering more benefits towards illegal immigrants than they provide to natural born peoples of every ethnic background.

    I think this would be what if....

    A Ganon-Demise reincarnation was the second one alive at one time, and was actually good, and HE fought and defeated the evil one. Earning the Triforce of courage along the way. That would be interesting.

    I have a problem. I always have had it.....When I was younger when I got a Gameboy color, I gave away my pocket. When I got a gameboy advance, I gave away my Gameboy color.

    I gave away all of my pokemon cards, I remember doing it. I gave away my fully completed Pokemon gold, my N64, and my original SNES.

    Most of the stuff I have given away I do not feel any real attachment too, SOME I do though.

    I have replaced my N64 and zelda games, I bought new copies of GBA ALTTP, The Minish Cap, Link's Awakening DX, Link's Awakening and ALL the GB Pokemon games, even the japanese variants.

    I never had to replace my OOS and OOA because I held on to them.

    Well yesterday I got a Gameboy Pocket in the mail, and today I am getting a Gameboy color. I already bought the shell for the GBC to match my original one.

    I realized something over the years. In my desire to do nice things for people and get rid of shit that I do not need I have deprived my own children out of the stuff that had given me years of fun. So I am replacing most of my collection that I had.

    I have 2 Wii U's so me and my son can play Wind Waker together side by side, I have 4 switches(3 regular, one Lite), One primary switch is mine, one is my sons, the third one I have SX OS on it and I use it to backup save stuff externally), and the Lite I take out with me. I have bought 3 Gameboy Advanced SP's, link cables, mega memory cards and gamesharks.

    I have new Batteries in -

    Pokemon Red: Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal (EN),

    Pocket Monsters: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal (JP)

    Link's Awakening, Link's Awakening DX, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons

    My son was evaluated based on his reading level. He is in Kindergarten but he was rated as reading as well or better than a 3rd grader.

    I think my son learned to read well through our gameplay sessions, and I an super proud that he wants to be involved with me in stuff like that.

    So yes. I bought a Gameboy Pocket and Gameboy Color in almost 2020, I might not ever really play them....But I wanted them to be able to give them to my kids if they wanted them to play