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    I'm teaming up with my cousin to do some let's plays so the Edward_Stryfe youtube channel is officially dead. We're not 100% on what the names for the channel is going to be but we are going to make our own website. So with that I'm building the site from the ground up. And since we don't have enough money for servers that could host the hundreds of gigabytes that let's plays end up producing. So I found this protocol called webtorrent and the difference with that is that the video isn't hosted on the server of the website but in the browser of the viewers and in the clients of the torrent seeders.

    Unfortunately it's in Pure JavaScript and is incompatible with PHP scripts. SOoooOOO0 I 'm stuck trying to find a work around for it which is going to be monotonous for sure. It isn't going to be the most difficult but it's going to take a LOT of man hours in writing and designing everything, and of course my cousin doesn't have any experience in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, or PHP. So this'll be fun.

    I think I'll make this thread a progress tracker for the project. Oddly enough designing and building the video player and streaming that without being hosted on the server is the easy part. One of the hardest parts to manage is going to definitely be building the menu which is supposed to be dropdown but needs to be stored in pure JS.

    As for what I have done, I have a few designs and schemes that I'm working on balancing everything. As well as some of the CSS. I still haven't picked out a color pallete for the site yet though. And I'm not 100% on how I want to make account accesses work. So I'm in for a trip for sure.

    var uli = document.createElement(ul); // <-- ULi
    uli.class = 'sub-menu';

    //PBCEpicness Start/////////////////////////////////////////////////
    var pbclii = document.createElement(li);
    pbclii.textContent = 'Videos';

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    pbcliii.textContent = 'Comics';

    var pbcliiii = document.createElement(li);
    pbcliiii.textContent = 'Animations';

    var pbcliiv = document.createElement(li);
    pbcliiv.textContent = 'Info';

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    pbcliv.textContent = 'Tutorials';

    var ulii = document.createElement(ul);
    ulii.class = 'ssub-menu';
    ulii.textContent = pbclii + pbcliii + pbcliiii + pbcliiv + pbcliv;

    var pbc = document.createElement(li);
    pbc.textContent = 'PBCEpicness' + ulii;
    //PBCEpicness End///////////////////////////////////////////////////

    var uliii = document.createElement(ul);// <--- ULiii

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    var menu = document.createElement(nav);// NAV
    menu.class = 'menu';
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    Alright well I might end up collabing with my cousin on that cause I talked to him about it some but I'm not sure it's probably (if I can end up doing anything) going to be a platormer I'll look into doing other types of things, but believe it or not there isn't too much documentation on how to build NES games now adays :/ not sure why.

    Ok so this school year I'm determined to do SOMETHING. So I have a few options, one thing I want to do is learn how to program video games for the NES, another is of course design a game for the NES, but I also want to write a PHP and JavaScript script that will allow users to basically make their own YouTube without the problems of file hosting, using efficient currently being developed softwares and to work along side the engineers of said software in order to develop. I could go on and on about that last one cause I have pretty big plans for it. But during the school year I can only really do one thing. One year I taught myself how to program in HTML then another in CSS and then PHP, after that I dabled in JavaScript and that leads me to this year.

    What do you guys think?

    If you are confused about the last one and want me to explain I will try my hardest to keep from rambling cause there are a lot of personal reasons as to why I want to do it. But I know I can and will do all of them I just can't decide what I should commit to this year.

    I don't need a spoiler. It is just Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto Five for me. In the future, I may consider expanding my game collection. However, I find my current game collection quite entertaining!

    Nice yeah I've been building my collection over the past 4-5 years and have had to sell all my games cause we needed the money on more than one occasion, and have always searched for the best possible deals. So I buy good games on the cheap. My siblings had minecraft for their XBOX360 and then tipped over the system destroying the game by far my favorite video game console feature ever. And it took them about half a week to convince my cousin to sell them his copy.

    I want someone to say Internet Explorer

    I don't know if they admit to a crime of that magnitude they might be banned. My grandmother actually uses internet explorer and windows doesn't even come with internet explorer any more it sucks so much that they shot it in the face and replaced it. I don't know what the new one is like but I haven't seen any internet complaints.

    Yeah I know It's still a really neat device I'm looking to get one for myself it costs a bit too much for me right now though. Which does suck, but In a year or so when I have income It'll be near the top of my list

    Nice and looking at it you most definitely deserve the title of Link (>u<)

    And you have the super boy add on? I have been looking into getting one of those cause my GBA doesn't have a backlight and it'd be freaking awesome to run GB/C/A games with a SNES controller.

    Dude that sounds awesome. I have a SNES emulator on my Wii and PS2 I'm probably going to do this and play it on my PS2 for added difficulty. (>u<) thanks for this awesome link.