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    The Zelda games have a lot of interesting and memorable characters in them. Which is your favourite, and why?

    My personal favourite is Groose, from Skyward Sword. I didn't like him at the beginning, but by the end he was my fvaourite character. There was so much character development for him.

    Super Mario Bros 3 was amazing. I spent so much time playing that game, although I wasn't very good at it at the time, lol. I think I only got as far as world 4, then I lost all my save data and gave up. I still go back to it occasionally on Wii virtual console. It's better than some of the new Super Mario games, in my opinion.

    I'm not sure what problem you had but I had no problem with learning the controls to fly. I know I enjoyed flying in this game. Flying around with loftwing was fun, sometimes I would just fly for fun without any destination in mind, lol. I liked the music when flying too.

    I probably pronounce a lot of these wrong, lol. I've never really said or heard a lot of them out loud. Hopefully some of these are right. :P

    Hyrule - high rule - not sure how else this one could be pronounced. :P
    Twili - twee lee
    Hylian - high lee-en
    Farore - Far - roar
    Nayru - nay roo
    Din - din :P
    Midna - mid nah
    Nabooru - nah bor roo
    Kotake - koh tah kay
    Koume - koo-may
    Darunia - dah roo nee ah
    Mikau - me ko
    Kafei - kay fee
    Termina - term in ah
    Lon Lon [Ranch / Milk] - lohn lohn
    Girahim - jer ah him
    Vaati - vah tee

    There's a lot of good music in this game. What is your favourite?

    Personally, I really like the "Battlefield of Demise" music:

    Also, this song, "Ballad of the Goddess", is another favourite and brings back memories for me:

    The first Zelda game I really enjoyed was Skyward Sword for Wii. Before that I had played other zelda games for a short time at friends houses, but never really got into it until I started playing it by myself. After I'd finished that, I went on to play some of the older games.

    Hi everyone, I'm Hissae. My name is James and I'm an 18 year old male from Canada. I'm a big fan of Nintendo and have been for many years, especially the Mario games, but I also enjoy Zelda as well. I'm looking forward to contributing here and getting to know everyone. :)