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    Maybe steam wants and investment to maintain "membership" or gain membership in the first place....

    Yeah, I think they are trying t make sure their users all have given something even if it is 5 bucks in credits.
    Shannon got a good point on the people making duplicate accounts just for petty trolling. I guess new trolls needs to be more committed to still pay that in alt accounts just for the LULZ.
    I still think it is a bit hard on newcomers that are wanting to use the forum for support.

    That just seems a tad bit rude LOL

    what of everything we've talked about here is what drew the line for you? :lol:

    I am living back home at the moment though, so usually get out of her by handing the phone off to some other victim. XD

    Hahaha, I am usually the person back at home my family offer relatives to talk with when they want to excuse yourselves. "Hey, [Kaynil] is right here, want me to pop her for a quick hello?" :XD:

    However, with my earphones in, I've always thought that if I accidently thought someone was talking to me, I'll just keep talking and pretend I also wasn't talking to them :D

    Hahaha, sounds like a neat escape, maybe practice your lines so it sounds more convincing than the experience of Silent Lion. There's two friends I am very fond of talking to them at any time even if they catch me on a trip, I rather use my earphones to handle calls, so I have had looks of people for a moment thinking I am talking to them or myself. I've also had rude people trying to get my attention to ask for directions while it is obvious I am having an exchange, like they don't wait I even tell my friends one minute before they start talking.

    To no ones surprise's I think Mario Kart 7 made me rage quit not that long ago. Itw asn{t anything dramatic, I just closed and threw the console to my bean bag in frustration. There were to arses that had modded things so they could summon and shoot red shells one after the other. the otehr one no matter how low he was on the race would appear as first place. This happened to me after I had backed out from two different lobbies because I wasnt doing very good and I was already tense so having these jerks really pushed my buttons. I also had heard someone saying sometimes Nintendo just bans every account that appears in modded races like that so I was pretty angry at thinking how guys like these risks everyone else accounts.

    Yeah, that's really unfortunate when people do things like that because it can happen so fast. Some people really have no respect for other people's properties.
    Many ears ago, someone snatched my DS Lite straight from my hands. I was being careless while waiting on someone, so I lean back and had some teenager grab it and run like hell, I gave him a good chase but couldn't catch up. I managed to find the same model a few days after in a second hand market near the area it happened so I like to think that I got it back even if I had to pay twice for it.

    As for Gameboy Advance games, well i skipped the console and only played a few games through the DS Lite, the one I remember clearly is The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. I also had the ALttP / Four Swords and right now we also have The Legend of Zelda part of NES classics collection. If I had other games, I probably left them in Mexico.

    I wish I had owned and tried Metroid and Golden Sun and Fire Emblem thatw ere released for it. Eventually I'll try to play them.

    I like Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon better, but I do play the original Sun and Moon occasionally. Not sure how far I am on the original versions

    Is there any benefit in keeping the original version when you got Ultra? My understanding is that that the story is pretty much the same plus Team Rocket. I was considering traiding Moon for Ultra Moon, would you reckon it is better I get Ultra Moon without getting rid of Moon?

    Yeah, according to reviews I read online, we will have to do like that kid and hold them ourselves and play with the joycons attached. I think Sardonic Pickle said to me that itw as like the Virtual Boy fiasco again, but I think at least the VB had a stand, so i could still better than holding it. :lol:

    A while ago I bought a cardboard goggles for my android because I was curious on the VR experience, well, I've dorkily used them to test the VR in Breath of the Wild. Because the viewing space gets severely reduced and because your visor will have magnifying glass, you'll find easy to notice the screen pixels, so the experience to me was pretty similar to what I imagine it'd be to play BotW if it had come for the 3DS: in terms of resolution and the three-dimensional effect.

    It is cool. I jumped from Death Mountain and the burning particles were jumping out towards my face. Landed on a patch of grass and saw some shimmering light which i didn't know what it was until I was basically running next to it, it was one of those Koroks you need to examinate. A lot of the detail was lost but the feeling of watching this like "on the theaters" was interesting.

    Now that they are remaking this game for the switch, I wonder if they will keep this complete ending for the zero-death files, and if they will make it more explicit or change it. It'll be interesting to see.

    I'd say to you Ashley to get it on the switch if you got one, but if you haven't probably getting another GBA is cheaper if you got the game. Also, I think it is available for purchase on the eShop for the 3DS, so that's another choice.

    Yeah, definitely there are some features on the new Pokemon games I am glad they are around.
    Once I beat Bravely Default I am going to try to continue with Pokemon Moon. To be honest, I saw Ultra Moon second hand and I was tempted to trade one for the other butI am not sure if that is worth it. Not that I was far in my file.

    Hahaha, I'd say it does.

    I pretty much have to ways of making the bed, the lazy way I do to get it out of my way or the one where I actually shake every piece, expand the pillows and fold neatly the sides.

    I try to make the bed in the morning but sometimes I end up doing a hurried one just before going to bed. :puessi:

    I get back from work and my bed is already made.

    Well, that's convenient. :lol:

    I got the game but it was a big bummer it was region locked. I wanted to progress with my friends I couldn't have that, and even though playing with randoms was not as bad as I imagined, it was still nt where as enticing as the idea of playing with friends. The totem helped but ultimately I ended up no being into it enough to push myself to the end. I hope I can eventually finish it. .

    For those who ended up buying the game, did you ever finish it?
    Did you collect everything?

    I am surprised we don't have a poll to gauge our musical taste so I thought in creating a topic to solve that.
    It is grossly simplified. So for example Rap would fall into Hip-Hop.

    I might the votes visible and retractable, so feel free to update it as you grow in and out of certain genres, haha.

    Silly question but it came out during a discussion I had with someone.

    Do you guys tend to make the bed when you get up, before going to bed or at some other time?

    When I was in highschool I started a fanfic sSo I would had been starting it like two years or so before this thread was created.. I never finished. It is really cringy nowadays, haha.

    That said, I'd love to see fanfics from our members here.

    Through Nintendo of America's Twitter, they announced quite a nice surprise: Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are getting updates to support the Nintendo Toy-Con VR Googles from The Nintendo Labo VR Kit.

    The footage shows both games still in third person. It seems Mario's game is some extra missions, and Breath of the Wild seems like it is going to have a new option in the game settings you can tick to activate the VR mode. Now, before we get too excited, although there is a footnote saying "Prerendered cutscenes not compatible with VR" in the 50 second mark of the video as the Zelda footage begins, the video is still in third person and the warning just be that your VR won't work trying to watch this video footage. If that is the case, what we see is what we get and this will be theater mode and not a say, first person view through Link.

    I'll be happy to give it a go, so long don't have to keep the joycons in the console to play like the image in Nintendo's page of the kit. :P

    Hahaha. It is awesome to hear your kid is so dedicated to his file.

    I imagine you laughing as you flush the toilet down. :lmao: