Weapons with the High-resell seal

  • Every time you complete a mission, you will receive weapons as rewards. Some will have "seals" which can be common or uncommon attributes. There seems to be three levels of strength normal, +, ++.

    Then you can use weapons to feed into the main one of your choice through fusion. I tried to level up a weapon with the high re-sell seal. Still same price. So I am now wondering if it is even worth it to level those up ir just sell them as soon as you earn them.

  • I still do not think I will buy Age of Calamity.

    I want a Zelda game, not a dynasty warriors.

    Fair enough. I was posting a doubt rather than praising the game but I'll probably be creating more threads on it as I play it.

    Honestly, I hadn't try Dynasty warriors, but I've enjoyed the mechanics of the first game to buy this one. I think if you don't like the gameplay is silly to get it, since it is pretty much just Dynasty with Zelda skin and texture.

    Now if you mean that more that even though you're fine with Dynasty Warriors but Nintendo needs to bring actual Zelda games, yeah, definitely agree with that. Juice it. More Zelda in more consoles is a good thing.

    I want to hear more on the actual sequel to Breath of the Wild.