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    Hate to see you leave Mailduck,

    But yes you have a life and you need to live it. Don't waste your precious life on the Internet.

    I will ask fellow admins and staff as to who should replace you.

    Farewell Mailduck :crying:

    I don't hate you Shrukan,

    I'm actually quite happy that you've revived ZT once again, it's better for you to have your own site and for me to have mine.

    For the sake of everything that is sane, we forgive you. We hope you will stay at EH, regardless if anyone from here is at your forums, treat it as your own.

    May i say that ZT has a wonderful layout :)

    If you want i can help you on there too :thumbup1:

    Now that Timothy is gone permanently, he will leave us alone. No more negativity for EH from him.

    Black_Mage: It's bad to say... retarded.. say it like, mentally disabled. The word retard is thrown around too much and it sounds like you're putting him down, which i am sure you aren't.

    It's a fine photo, even with the other boy in it.

    Has anyone played this Wii Channel before, it's quite good although the poses that they do in the results area are quite... shall we say... gay.

    But i guess the Wii is tuned for 5 year olds, so's Nintendo's advertising market.

    What do you think, do you like this or not.


    I loove th movies that are like Spirited Away, I dont remember the guys name though >_<

    Spted Dinosaur, i think the director's name is Hayao Mizayaki.

    Actually my video store has a Hayao Miyazaki Section, they're that good

    Welcome Iriver,

    I've heard nothing but bad things about Talk Zelda. I wonder why it's all suddenly gone downhill, i heard it used to be a great place to chat about Zelda.

    Hope you enjoy your new home, if you know what i mean. :tongue:

    I posted this on FL just a second ago, but i'll post it here too.

    Just recently i was playing Ocarina of Time on an emulator (I know it's bad) and i was messing around in Zora's Domain, to my suprise i recently looked on the Internet about the fabled Unicorn Fountain, which was said to have the Triforce in it. Nintendo has long disproved that theory and removed it from the final version of the game, but i found proof that it still in someway exists.

    Here's an image that prooves my theory.

    And some more images

    I added those extra images to show you where abouts it is, it's below the ice in Zora's Domain, you go down the slope to the right of the waterfall and there is a small empty alcove. There is no way that it's not important, as it would have been a flat wall if it wasn't, and plus the water is just an overlay, so it's not as if it flowed into there.

    If you wish to see for yourself just download the Project 64 save file. (I do not condone the use of ROMS, or Emulators, i am using my own cartridge and equipment which i do not use for malicious purposes such as distributing roms.)

    Note: I will NOT tell you how to get ROMS, or where to get the equipment i have, since it was pretty much homemade, from tons of electronics peices. So don't ask me, the save file is the only legal thing i can give you, and trust me i don't want to do anything illegal, since i support Nintendo's efforts to stop illegal roms and emulation.

    Save File

    Hope you enjoy this little bite of information


    How can those cookies be fresh if Haeshi hasn't been on for ages, he must of brang them with him when he came. They are probably waaaay old, and now you've given GhorMas food poisoning.

    Enough of that.

    Welcome GhorMas, yes we are getting back to the habit of things. Since i have decided to hand over the decision making for the elections to Twistkill, due to family matters, i cannot wait to see who becomes the next two admins and super mods.

    :) enjoy yourself lots