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    I know this is old but I saw war of the worlds yesterday.. was alright until they just started dieing on their own.. I get the whole storyline but I just think they rushed it or something

    I also hate them.. but you forgot one of the albums.. what is it.. I think its like 1001 something. I dont know I really dont like the band

    First off I know im not a BIG admin or mod or anything like that.. I do know Rauru in person but trust me he doesnt really favour me on the fourms ;) .. like I really dont like how messy the forums are getting.. if we're to get more members we need to clean up our posts.. the posts are getting really lazy and sloppy now. All I see now when I look at a post or new topic or something is ( sorry for useing names.. but )


    it's what people get to know me by Wink

    "omg, 'hax hax' that's yattaro!!! *fangirl screams everywhere*"

    Ok even LINK does it too himself.. so dont feel bad

    lol, :P, :) stuff like that..

    Rauru deleted some of the other garbage like that O RLY? stuff..

    and sorry to point a finger here but really. Yattaro, please please please, start to clean up your posts , actually post if you have something to do with it.. and I think you need to moderate yourself. * you made the 999 post contest you should be modding everyones posts and ect. They musnt be spamming and nonescence.. and I see all of the above.. * I know I should have pm'd you with this matter but I think everyone needs to learn from mistakes.. trust me Ive had my fair share of messy forums.. they really do not turn out well at all.. ALWAYS the neat and tidy ones have like 300+ members. ( Like our old forums ) :)

    Well thats all I have to dish out at the moment, you can start hatein' now. Heh.. Ive always been the one " cracking the whip " but oh well.. people do learn :)