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    The games are actually pretty entertaining. The T.V. shows arnt that much. Remember, the company that is broadcasting the shows hasn't stopped making them because there must still be demand for it. So just because your 16-17 years old now, doesnt mean you should make fun of what people in elementary school > lower like. Okay?

    Hey, welcome to Zelda Cavern's Forums! If you have any questions or anything, feel free to PM anyone here! They'll give you some help that you need.

    Also, with signatures, most people make their own. If you don't really want to though, I'm sure some of them would be happy to make one for you. Have a good time man. :D


    I'm planning to make some changes to the staff pages to make them alittle more friendly to the eye.

    From all the staff (forum included) I'll be needing a avatar or something that you want to go next to your name.

    Also, please fill out this form and email/pm it to me. Thank you!

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    Thank you very much for your time. :D If anyone feels that giving any of this information conflicts with their privacy please tell me and you will not have to fill out the section of the form, or the whole form.

    If any webmasters have anything against this please tell me. Thank you.


    I'm probably gonna get a Wii, but my brother is getting a PS3 so I'll probably play the PS3 some too. The Wii is my choice because of the games that are release titles. :D

    "People are scared of change" - Someone who was/is smart.
    People just don't like that game because it is different than the rest. There is nothing wrong with the game. Infact, if Zelda had started out in that form, I doubt anyone would say anything.

    AOL is one of my favorite games, and America Online just sucks (even though America Online should be AO but whatever). Although many people say, OH the story sucked. Think about it, this game had the most amount of towns and some pretty tough dungeons. It's the typical Zelda game. Just because it is side scrolling does not mean it sucks.


    :dizzy This one took me about 5 minutes, but thats cause it's not that good. :(

    ^That one is really old. I think about 2 years or so. o-o

    ^That was made about the same time as the previous sig.

    Made that one today^

    I'll probably post more later. But how are those?

    Hi welcome to Zelda Cavern. Enjoy your stay. :D O_O Eat my face...woah...that would be kinda hard.... :dizzy

    How are you all? I'm the new Head Webmaster here. :sweat If you have any questions on how this happened or whatever read our homepage. I made a news article on it. So my new email is Feel free to email me with any questions or comments you have. I'd love to hear them. :D

    Have a great day guys!

    Hi, my name is Evan but call me Necco. I help out at Hylian Legends a lot (i'm a staff member there). I hope to get to know you all. :D