Your first portable zelda game...

  • Which game was the first "handheld" zelda you ever played?

    For me itw as Link's Awakening... the most starnge zelda game I have ever played, and yes, I have played Majora's Mask too... it was just so, for a start mixed with Mario's world, which is not a bad thing at all, it was pretty interesting. Never wanted to return Bowow, or whatever its name was... it was such a great ally... saved up all the way to get the bow.

  • My first Zelda handheld game, or handheld in general, is Link's Awakening DX. I think the handheld Zeldas are important. Without them, 2D Zelda games would have died a long time ago. I enjoy the 2D games a lot more than the 3D games.

  • Lol...Link's Awakening dx here too! And yes, without 2D Zelda, 3d Zelda wouldn't have a place in today's LOZ society. 2D made the series. Also, I find them a bit harder to know, the dungeons require more thinking and LOTS more fighting (with the exeption of the water temple in OoT OMG! THAT WAS TOUGH!). Anyway, I ghuess what I'm trying to say is, that without the Handheld Zelda titles, many of us would probably have never even picked up another Zelda title and may not be here today talking. So Cirrus, not to be rude or anything, but I'm guessing you're like, the only one here who hates these games so, i guess i'm free to say you're a tad bit overruled, my friend!

  • My first was OoT.
    I got it for christmas in 1999. I remember that I did no let any of my sisters or cousins try it out! This was my game!
    I didn't understand much of it, so I just ran around in Kokiri Forest; found the sword and bought a shield.
    Kokiri Forest was, through my eyes, an idyll! A paradice!

  • :lol My first that i bought was Oracle of Ages. It was great. Then i bought Links Awakening. I first Rented Links Awakening and that was my first Zelda game. But yea.

  • I was about to edit out the godawful Navy colour I used to have. I don't even remember favouring blue. But that edit text. Haha. I don't wanna ruin it. This thread is over a decade old. I'm in awe. Sorry for burning your iris all this time. I was young and insecure.

    ... And I think I still think the same way about this game. LA was weird with cameos but cool. Bow Wow still rocks.