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    Meh. I still wont get it. All of my focus is dedicated to buying the Link's Awakening remake.

    Yes I was excited to buy that one as well. I'm into more 3ds style games which is why I wasn't as a fan of breath of the wild as some people. That open world concept isn't as fun in my opinion than it is with the 3ds style games. Seems to be much more enjoyable. How they made pokemon with still keeping the old ways made it one of my favorites. Now that they are doing this with Links Awakening I will definitely probably enjoy playing that. Still Hyrule Warriors seems fun though I just haven't invested the money in it. Too many other games I could buy.

    If you care about WoL I heard whatever you unlock there will be available for the smash mode too. I didn't backwards and did smash battles against CPU with 2x throw rate and one stock, and found out that I had to unlock them in the adventure mode anyway, so if you are planning on conquer that mode, it might be better to do that. Also if you want to unlock Link early enough I'll just give you the same hint a friend gave me: "choose right".

    also, I haven't really had bad lag lately, so I guess if you have a decent internet and connect with someone with a decent internet you will likely be able to have a battle without freezing many frames.

    Yeah that's true but there was a technique to unlock everything quite easily. I was able to unlock my characters no problem using the technique. You basically run around a time limit match that lasts 20 minutes back and forth then play a match, fight the character, then restart the game from the dashboard and keep fighting characters. It works but eventually stops working. Then you run around for another 20 minutes and repeat until you have the characters unlocked. After the first 4 or so times with this it will require you to actually fight in a match but most of it is based on distance traveled so you can get a good number of characters unlocked this way if not all of them. I got all of mine unlocked this way. If you lose to them you just go to challengers approach and they appear there to challenge later. This only took me a couple hours to unlock them all with this method. The World of Light way I hear takes so long and isn't worth using when you can do this in smash mode. Isn't very hard and is worth giving it a go.

    I beat pokemon blue. I had gotten raped by Agatha of the elite 4 like 97 times. I ended breaking my OG gameboy because I was so frustrated by her Gengar.

    On my new Gameboy Pocket I traded for some legit pokemon cards I found out about missingno. (NOONE HAD PLACES LIKE YOUTUBE OR ETC to look this shit up)

    I was PISSED when I figured out how easy it was. LOL

    I also remember losing to the elite four in pokemon red many times. I remember that I did eventually win and beat the game that much I recall. However it is something I do remember losing to them quite a bit before winning and finally beating the last guy which was the champion. The champion was always the hardest in my opinion to beat. I would always save in between matches so that I could restart each person if I lost. Personally I miss this style of pokemon game. When lets go was released it brought back great childhood memories and I appreciate what game freak did with that. It brought back many of those memories and was one of the best games I've played in a while. Though it was much easier to beat than the pocket versions it was still a great game to play and in my opinion was probably one of the best games that has released so for on the Switch. Really looking forward to pokemon Sword and Shield releasing at the end of this year. Those are going to be great games.

    If we had real googles it would be better. I do not wanna play with cardboard....

    I agree. I never was too fond of the cardboard idea when it comes to Nintendo Labo. They are mostly targeting kids and children with this concept so that much I realize. But it seems that the VR or Labo could easily be destroyed if it had any water damage. Just the whole idea seems like a cheap way to market the switch. Think about why they wouldn't use real material is what makes me think about it. Normally you would think they would set up some actual lasting material but card board is pretty cheap to make and even though it's targeting kids it seems like just a way they are trying to make a quick buck. I'm sure the kids love it though. As far as I'm concerned it seems quite interesting for the younger generation and I'm sure they enjoy it.

    I need to play this some more too. I am debating giving one of my switch's to my son and buying a new one. (if they release a new model this year)

    Yes there's been talk of either a Nintendo Switch XL or a smaller one that is only handheld. These are all complete rumors however the Washington Post I believe who have claimed to have an inside source on the matter have speculated that this is to be a real thing. A lot of YouTubers have been talking about this and I'm pretty sure they will eventually release one. Whether it be immediate or not. It could be a couple years but I'm sure eventually new models will release. And yes guys you should give super mario odyssey a chance. It's a very fun game as long as it isn't overplayed. As long as you haven't played it too much the game is very fun and enjoyable.

    Sounds like a good plan to get Octopath first. From my understanding it is a good game, if itw asn't because I am already in the middle of another RPG I'd consider it.

    Hyrule Warriors is not a bad game. My disappointed with me last year was mostly in comparison to past versions they brought out. I felt like I paid full price for a product that didn't try to bring anything new.

    The fact I ended biting the bullet for this version is because I really enjoyed the 3DS version and I missed the improved looks of the Wii U version.From what I've seen so far either people just don't feel attracted at all or are curious, if you thought you would enjoy it I am almost confident you will.

    To make my position clear since that post, I discovered that rather than give you what was the DLC in past versions you gotta explore the adventure maps to find them out, so you actually will be getting them one at the time and feeling you are earning each character and alternate outfits, which I really like. And on itself the game definitely packs a good amount of stuff. I have been playing it for 125 hours and I still haven't got all the stuff I m interested in unlocking.

    Wow sounds like a really fun game. I will definitely consider buying it soon. Like I said, I recall seeing the first stage played on YouTube and I thought it looked really fun. Would be a nice one to check out when I get some spare dollas. It would probably be a game I completed all the way through from the looks of it. As I said it looks fun to me. Also Octopath looks to be a really fun game so I'll probably be buying that first. Seems much more my style of game that I enjoy (the DS style games). Would really get a kick out of playing a RPG game like that on my TV. Would be a great experience and very fun to try.

    Wow that's so interesting! Thanks for the share. It's always good to see a video like this as it brings back memories like I said. Seems about right on the way the glitch works though I'm not too convinced he knew much about what he was talking about with the hex code and so forth. To be honest I sort of thought it was a joke partially the way he described the hex code matching up to certain pokemon in the trainers name. Didn't make much sense to me though it's possible I suppose. I never thought that was true though I use to own a game shark so I do know that most of this data does run on hex code. Anyways I watched the whole video. Can't wait for Pokemon Sword and Shield to release at the end of this year for the Switch. Definitely looking forward to it. I really appreciate you sharing this video, thank you

    Hello everyone. The name is TopSilver. I have seen this site advertised on Forum Promotion quite a bit and recently I was invited to the site by Kaynil who I met in the forum promotion discord and also through many other sites we are both apart of. I had invited her to my site and she sent me an invite to this community. I like gaming, web development and php programming which I'm now trying to learn. I'm mainly a developer of websites and enjoy coding html/css templates for fun in my spare time. I also have recently been trying to make Xenforo 2 add-ons. It's something I really like doing and learn as I go.

    What forum software are you guys using? I can tell it's not Xenforo. Seems like vBulletin 3 if I had to guess but not sure. Anyways site looks really great I like it a lot.

    I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you. Thanks for having me :D

    Honestly I was thinking about buying this game but haven't done it yet. Octopath Traveler is the next game I want to buy before getting something like this one but I still thought it looked fun when watching the opening gameplay on YouTube. I like the fighting style where you fight against all of the adversaries in an all out war style. That seemed very appealing to me and I definitely wanted to give it a try

    Liking it quit a bit. It's a very nice game so far. I'm enjoying it. Just bought the new Joker from Persona that was released last week. It's a fun game. Not the best I ever played but a good time especially with friends.

    Was wondering if anyone remembered the pokemon red and blue glitch on gameboy color called Missingno.

    It was a glitch pokemon you could catch off the shore of fuschia city I think it was. You basically could get an infinite amount of rare candies and so forth. I don't believe you could catch this pokemon without it glitching you but I recall being able to get an infinite amount of master balls and so forth and if you caught it, then it would screw everything up. Does anyone remember it. That really brings back childhood memories if you remember that.

    I don't make my bed either. Hah I haven't made my bed in years. I'm just too lazy. I usually just throw my blanket over me when I pass out. Haven't been too much for setting it up.

    Would be fun to mess around with Zelda and their new VR. I know it's mostly geared towards kids or young adults. I've heard people complain because they have to hold the goggles up to their eyes instead of have it strapped to their head. They should really fix that issue though I guess it's how it's designed where it has to be that way.

    Kaynil it's a great game you should invest in buying it. One of those games where you are tempted to beat the entire thing and play it all the way through. Almost beat the whole thing before selling my old switch and buying a new one. The save data didn't transfer from before so I never did but got really far and almost beat it. May give it another go before too long.

    I love this forum as well. Fantastic work. I hope to be active here on a regular basis given enough time has elapsed. I am well pleased with what I see. This is a great community. Keep up the good work Link

    Not a huge mobile gamer here but I would like to say one thing and that's Mario Kart is releasing on android and iOS this year and it's nice that they are finally releasing a top notch game such as that for mobile. So people that don't have a Nintendo Switch could easily get some usage out of their phones.