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    The invention of Cybernetic brains is Implausible. The programming of visuals would take thousands of years and lets not forget logic, emotions and common sense. Ihe brain is a unique object and most likely won't be recreated electronically, ever.

    Prosthetic bodies though, A lot of technology would be involved, even if it was invented in our lifetime, It would cost way too much.

    D00d, at his rate the story will only last another post cuz you summarized about 3/4 of the forums history in a paragraph. You should add more stuff and events to the earlier times. Otherwise it is funny and pretty good.

    I really think we don't need more gory Zelda. It will start out as a little gore, then move up until it is rated M, which will not be the fun, sword swinging Zelda it used to be and less people would be able to play it. *Shoots idea with an arrow*

    [OoC: Sorry It took me so long to respond]

    Avinash looked at Kye for a moment, giving Spiff the short time he needed to attack. He dashed and sliced upward with his sword, but the scalix quickly dodged and spiff's sword only managed to make a small cut on Avinash's chin. Spiff then launched a flurry of slices, which Avinash blocked with his sword hit after hit after hit.

    "Foolish boy. You will not win" Avinash spat.

    "It all depends..."

    The rain had started and was falling on the ground with rythematic sound. Kye was watching the swordfight in the distance. Sparks were flying from the two swords coliding, both spiff and Avinashe's faces were grimaced in determination. The rain was falling harder now and AVinash managed a blow to break through spiff's defences. Spiff then laughed as he dissapeared.

    "Ah, I haven't seen that trick from him before" Avainash mumbled as he charged up a shadow sphere. Avinash looked around for spiff and didn't see him. Then, out of the corner of his eye he saw something appear and he launched the shadow sphere at it, which shot up in the air and exploded.

    "What? Damn that kid! It was his sheild!" Avinash yelled as he looked at spiff's sheild. Spiff then appeared behing Avinash and swung his sword. Avinash quickly jumped back and spiff picked up his sheild.

    "So, boy, you are not as weak as I though."

    "Yes, and you still haven't seen all my tricks" Spiff smiled as he dashed toward Avinash while his sword glowed blue and locked swords with Avinash. The sword slowly sent a chill down Avinash's arms as he saw the rain that hit the sword immediatly turn to ice.

    He has some control over some elements too? Avinash thought. All of the sudden, Avinash was hit with a wave of pressure and looked in as his sword was knocked out of his hands and has butted by spiff's sheild which knocked him onto the ground. Spiff looked at Avinash for a second then dissapeared. Avinash swiftly picked up his sword and looked around.

    Kye was at the top of a hill watching the battle when he heard laughter behind him.

    "Hello Kye." Spiff laughed as he dashed toward him with his sword.