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    Well this time around there is a campaign and they've stated all DLC will be free for everyone right off the bat. There is no season pass. I'm really enjoying it to be honest. They fixed everything that was wrong with the first game and improved upon everything else.

    I'm happy my 8Bit GBA is still going strong. Definitely worth the purchase. I'm tempted to sign up for Retro Game Treasure which is a monthly subscription that send you random retro games and I can get aslew of GBA games from them Im really considering it to build up my collection.

    Anyone play it? What are your thoughts on Respawn's 2nd FPS and sequel to their critically acclaimed Titanfall from 2014?

    I'm loving Titanfall 2 if I'm honest. It's a highly addictive game and the changes they made to it are awesome! I'm also enjoying the newly included campaign's story. :D

    I never owned an original Gameboy Advance. I still have the SP that I've owned all these years. ;w;

    I don't like the form factor of the SP model :P

    If anyone is interested in the type of GBA i have, you can snag one for around $130-140 from I had a slight issue with the one I bought but sent it back to James (owner of 8bit) and he fixed it promptly and sent it back to me within a day. Quite amazing service! I like their work so much i've actually thought about buying another with a different shell on it. :D

    I just found out there's a double-pack being sold. That's perfect for me and my brother so we'll definitely be snagging that up when it launches in a few weeks. :)

    Sometimes I will when playing COD if it's obvious my team is going to lose and I'm the only one putting in work, I'll leave and let the team die, or if there's a bunch of spawn camping/trapping assholes that make the game unpleasant to play that match, I'll simply just back out.

    ^ This. Then I was given a Game Gear, backlit colored screen! Terrible battery hog but it was glorious as I was a huge sega fanboy back in the day :D (Still kinda am......Dreamcast FTW!)

    Anyone else excited for these? I'm still playing Alpha Sapphire, but my brother really wants to get Pokemon Moon and wants me to pick up Sun, so I might do that so we can trade and battle together and what have you. Are you going to be picking up either of these titles or perhaps both? :)

    Sega Dreamcast is my all time favorite! Current gen favorite? Xbox One :) I know it gets a lot of shit and people say PS4 is the superior of the two, but i prefer my Xbox One's controller for shooters, and that's what i play most these days :)

    I like my PS4 for story-based exclusives. For example, this January I will be playing through Yakuza 0. :)

    If anybody says they don't like this game, I will use my moderator powers to ban them.

    Kaynil will no doubt remove me as a moderator for doing that. But it will be worth it to be rid of the kind of degenerate scum that doesn't love Chrono Trigger.

    I endorse this motion! :D

    CT is just pure classic. It's actually the game that really got me into RPG's back in the day :D Was just so epic! :D

    RevPSO - A private PSO BB server offers the most complete & stable PSO Blue Burst experience for a private server.

    What is a private server for PSOBB?
    PSOBB is discontinued by it's creators, Sega & Sonic Team. Private servers have been put up to keep the game alive. RevPSO is the most complete & stable in terms of bugs & functionality even though there is a low population. Come check us out and start your PSO journey today!!

    What is PSOBB?
    PSOBB stands for Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. The final version of Phantasy Star Online, an MMORPG developed by Sonic Team and published by SEGA in 2000 originally on the Sega Dreamcast. Many different versions were released across other consoles. However, all official servers as well as a lot of private servers are no longer around. We recommend playing the latest version known as Blue Burst which introduced Episode 4, on our private server at

    I don't own a copy of this game for PC, how do I get it?
    We offer you the download for free - here

    Can I connect a console version to the RevPSO server?
    No, we only support the Blue Burst (PC) version of the game.

    Helpful Links: - Offcial Website
    Download our client - Requires winrar. Be sure to read the instructions if you have trouble!
    Create a game account
    Some helpful F.A.Qs answered along with other helpful tips to help get you started
    Official RevPSO support forums to give you the uttermost assistance

    We hope to see you there & enjoy the game! :D

    I am interested but I don't have a PC version. Do I buy it through Steam or something?
    Sorry i am a total newbie when it comes to PC and specially online gaming.

    No, it's completely free and we offer it as a download as there are other private servers for it but ours is the most stable, saying that, it has a low population right now. I'll post a link in the links section. :)

    Oh, I remember I would ehard a lot of this game back in the day but I never really understood what it was about, other than a RPG. The online was intimidating for some reason. I completely skipped them.

    The online was basically a main lobby hub where everyone meets up (you spawn into upon log-in) and then you create a game/room which you plus 3 others can play together or you can set it so it's just you (kinda a single player mode) however, on consoles there was an offline mode as well as online.

    if you're interested in giving it a try, I run a server for the PC version of the game over at

    I like my 3DS. I don't get to play it as much as I would like though. I think i'll break it out tonight and play some pokemon alpha sapphire though. :)