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    I'm reading The Wheel of Time series (on the 9th book Winter's Heart), and I'm also reading The Sword of Truth series (on the 2nd book Stone of Tears). I highly enjoy both of them. Wheel of Time might just be my favorite book series.

    I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I love my pets. I especially love my cat who is currently back in Florida and who can't be with me at this current moment in time. I wanted to make a thread where we could all share pictures of current and past ( ;^; ) pets and share little stories about them whenever we wanted to.

    So first things first, my big old baby cat Simba. I found him back when I was living in Orlando. Or rather, he found me. He was starving and meowing at the door, his ribcage was clearly showing and he was running away from two rather large dogs who were pelting after him. I immediately grabbed him and smuggled him inside to save him from a rather nasty fate. I took care of him for the night, fed him, watered him, and generally cuddled him. He was extremely affectionate and nice from the get-go. Unfortunately, my roommate at the time insisted we put him in the backyard for the night to avoid him and their cat getting into any tussles. I didn't want to, but them's the breaks, right?

    In the morning he was gone, and I was sad and worried. I knew he'd leave, but what I didn't expect was him to come back that very same day. This time, he was bleeding severely from a large laceration underneath his right side and kept insisting to be near me. I took him to the vet pronto, got him fixed up, and he became my cat. Got him all nice and fat. He's probably the cutest cat ever. He's had some rather bad luck, he got hit by a car at one point then fixed up by the vet, but he's still adorable and sweet and my big baby. <3

    I just recently (on January 1st) acquired two rats from somebody giving them away because their daughter wasn't taking care of them properly, and they definitely show behavioral signs of neglect. Dale and Bentley were the names given to them by their previous owners, and I don't want to change them now since they're used to being called them. Dale is a very skittish and shy rat with trust issues, but he LOVES to make little nests out of fabric and paper. He also loves marshmallows with a passion! Super cute. :I<3U: Bentley is less about treats and more about EXPLORATIONNNN~ He tries to get out of the aquarium tank (they came with it, I'm buying them an actual cage soon) and off of us in the most creative ways imaginable. I actually had to take his exercise wheel out of the cage because he kept trying to scale it to get to the top of the aquarium. What a tricky little guy! :hamster: He's always desperate to be out of his cage and on my shoulder, and I can't even manage to take the water dish out to refill it without him scaling me like a jungle-gym.

    Dale is the black rat, and Bentley is the white and light brown one. Taking this shot was actually nothing short of a miracle, as Dale is very shy, as I mentioned before. He's typically never that keen on coming on top of his little hut to say hello to me.

    Yeah, I'm really persnickety, but I also do prefer being single. I'm not one for relationships, and I've had a lot of rather unpleasant experiences with significant others in the past. They've wasted my feelings and time. I've had them blow me off for weeks and months while expecting me to remain monogamous with them, and nearly all of my boyfriends has cheated on me. :lengua: And this was during the time when I was a lot more open to who I was with, and was a lot more forgiving about everything. Sooo... me being a hardass didn't drive them to cheating, because I was willing to roll over and take a lot of abuse from them.

    For me, it's not about the "honor" of dating me, it's just about what I'm willing to accept and what I'm not willing to accept from past experience. I'd rather just not waste my time and their's if I know I wont like what they'll do.

    Honestly, I have requirements that probably will seem really intense or strict (at least one has been touched upon in another thread).


    • Must play video games. This one is super high on my list, and is extremely important. I can't actually imagine dating somebody who wouldn't touch video games. I would like them to play video games WITH me, so it's important that they're into multi-player anything (or willing to play singleplayer games with me). I could be playing the worst game ever, and as long as the person I love is also playing it, I can have fun.
    • Can't watch porn. I don't do it, and I expect my significant other not to as well (this was touched upon in another thread). It's a personal thing, and I tell them very early on if we're going to be serious, then they can't while they're with me. If they can't handle that much... Yeah, they're out the door. I don't want to put up with that.
    • Must not be extremely unhealthy. I know it'll seem shallow, but I wouldn't want to invest myself romantically in somebody extremely obese. I'm a moderately healthy person myself, or at least I try to be, and I would like my significant other to try to be as well. At the core, it isn't about looks. It's about health and this does go both ways in the weight spectrum. I don't want to romantically involve myself with somebody excessively skinny either. I'm an asshole, I know. This also extends into the topic of drugs, smoking, etc. Drugs, excessive smoking, and excessive drinking are all no-go's.
    • Must be willing to put up with my lifestyle choices. I'm a vegetarian, and sometimes a pescatarian for health reasons. I'm also agnostic, but lean somewhats towards Christianity (very mildly, probably because of my upbringing). If they're going to have serious issues with me being the way I am, then it wont work out with us. I can't/wont change how I live in these regards. You'd be surprised about how many people get offended at me for being a vegetarian, it's crazy. They're immediately like "Woah, well, I eat meat cus it tastes good and you better not say shit about it rararararararara" and I'm like... Woah, slow down there, I haven't even said anything except state that I don't eat meat...
    • Must like animals enough to own a pet. I love my cat Simba with a passion. He's my big baby. I couldn't ever choose a guy over him.


    • I prefer guys who are willing to take some time to go outside and walk with me. I hate being cramped in one spot all the time.
    • I'm very much into swimming and hate doing it alone. I'd like it if my significant other would swim. I know a lot of people who hate swimming and it always baffles me.
    • I like a guy who is willing to go out at night with me to make a trip to the local food joint for late night snacks on the rare occasion. I find that fun.
    • Going to the gym together to work out is always a plus, although just going for walks is always an alternative (that I LOVEEE).
    • Enjoying shows together, anime or TV shows, is like THE BEST.

    I never used to have a list of strict requirements, but the older I got and the more assholes I dated, the more I realized that I was worth more than just accepting any guy who happened to show interest in me while I was single. I ask questions, I let them know what I like and don't like. If they can't handle me, that's fine. I like being single. I like it a lot actually. >.>

    I like some shounen but it doesn't save them from being really bad, Hunter X Hunter is probably the only good one around besides Brotherhood but I haven't gotten myself to watch it because it's lenghty.

    I've watched some anime, I want to invest myself more on it but at the same time I'm not used to it.

    I agree with you, most are rather... Ugh. There are times in shounen, and honestly a bunch of shoujo, where I wanna just throw my hands up in the air in frustration. Hunter x Hunter and Brotherhood are really good examples of quality shounen (but I understand that HxH is pretty darn long... It is totally worth the watch though if you ever get the chance). I think that some of the Gundams are also very good, in that they're more intelligent shounen (for the most part. Some Gundam series are rather bad...) I should probably get back on topic though. One Piece ranks high (if not the highest) for me because of the characters and their development and backstories. But it can be boring at times for sure. I just trudge past that to the good parts. :3

    (Thanks for the link to that website, I'll probably set up my own list as well! I usually just write it down in a notepad on my computer and then lose the notepad like a month or two later... Yup. I'm good like that.)

    That time when

    is how you spell it. I only know that 'cus of subtitles, aww yeah :^_~:

    And yeah, I was really surprised at that part too. One Piece also has really incredible moments like that as well, though they take a while to get to. I think One Piece was definitely given alot more time with filler episodes, whereas Fairy Tail has less and instead has more immediate story-line and action. One Piece was being produced hot on the heels of Dragon Ball Z's production ending, so it was the trend back then to elongate anime and One Piece had a pretty big name to live up to (and was also produced by the same studio). To be frank, they didn't start really making shorter series the norm until like 2003+. Most anime I watched as a child were very long, and the ones I found online were like minimum of 24 episodes, and usually around 50-70.

    Yeah, I couldn't have said it better myself. I've become extremely fond of the characters in One Piece, especially Zoro. He's literally my all time favorite. <3 And never force yourself into anything otherwise you end up hating it. What's the point then?

    Yeah, I agree with Cressel and Lexatom. I think showdown would be MUCH easier to use hahaha. If you'd like roleplay pokemon battles, I can set up a roleplay thread for that in the RP Section. I was thinking we were going to set up our teams in turns, then move those pokemon into showdown to battle it out.

    Oh, also, the same thing goes for Fairy Tail. You probably don't like Fairy Tail because you haven't watched enough of it. I'm just making an assumption, as that's how it is with most people. I will agree the first arc of Fairy Tail sucks, but every arc after that I like. Especially arc 3, 4, and 5. 7 is good too.

    I'm actually at the current episodes that are out. I just finished the Epilogue of the Tartaros Arc. It was pretty good! :D Only part of Fairy Tail so far that's made me shed a tear.

    hahahha anime. every shonen is terrible.

    Not every shounen, but that's fair if you don't like them. Do you like other anime?

    It isn't a conventional anime to begin with, and the first episodes are dated in comparison to Fairy Tail. Going into each anime, it's important to remember when they were created for fair (beginning episodes) comparison. However, the anime DOES get much better as it goes on, and I do agree that the first episode also turned me off when I first watched it. And then my brother assured me that it got much better so I stuck with it and didn't regret. I'm also sincerely hoping you watched it subbed and not dubbed.

    But it's fair if you think that it's not as good as Fairy Tail, but I still love it more than Fairy Tail for a plethora of reasons. But, you're also much younger than I am, so the generation gap is probably going to be a factor in you liking or disliking things in a different way than myself. And yeah... Age does matter in this regard :lengua:

    I hope you'll continue watching it, but you probably wont make it to the point where it really gets good. (if you ever pick it up again, that is)

    That resolution sounds pretty cool Sardonic (wow I herpderped for a moment) :^o^: Do you have a link for your channel anywhere on the forum?

    And LS... dream big buddy :3 Shoot for the stars haha.

    My New Years Resolutions tend to look like this:


    And I usually do all of them in varying amounts. This last year I exercised more than anything. I ran every day on the treadmill for a solid six months, did three months of a hardcore 1 hour work out every other day and had to quit because winter was coming and I get sick really easily when it's cold, so I spend more of my energy just fighting off sicknesses instead.

    I think this year I'll spice it up, though. At least one of my resolutions is going to be to make tabletop RPG assets, such as creature models, dungeon tiles, maps, etc. that I can (hopefully) sell rather cheaply just to make a small bit of cash on the side. I'd also like to get more into drawing fantasy creatures and, as odd as this sounds, old people. I think drawing old people is one of the hardest things ever.

    I have to think about the other resolutions... Probably exercising again, but sticking to a stricter routine. More yoga maybe? Yoga is amazesauce.

    I bought myself Armello (ERMERGERDE YUUSSSSSS) for Christmas :3

    Still confused on whether or not my boyfriend's mom bought me the new coffee maker we acquired yesterday for Christmas, or if it was like a "Merry Christmas to us!" sort of thing hahaha. We love our coffee :D

    Everyone should report back what they obtained here! :] Brag about it~ haha

    Believe me guys, it's a pretty amazing experience to play DnD. :3 I don't even know the Lamentations of the Flame Princess ruleset, I probably wont read anything about it, and will basically nag LS for all the information. :] YAY FOR BEING LAZY.

    Join on up! @Lexatom might be interested?

    Well, chest bindings aren't a rare concept in Japanese (or other Asian) fiction. You can see many shows that are popular these days where the females successfully disguise themselves as males and attend all male academies, or join the all male medieval army, etc. etc. Coffee Prince, Mulan, Ouran High School Host Club are prime examples... There are more, but the females DO successfully fool nearly everyone for the longest time in each of these fictions before they are found out.

    They call this "gender bending". Zelda genderbending as Sheik is really not too far off, nor does it make her a transgender, or bi (although she very well could be and that would be fine). I do admit, however, that the extremely muscular physique she assumes as Sheik is pretty odd in comparison to her normal form, but that can be explained away by magic or ninjutsu (most likely a mixture of both).

    I'm going to be creating a Pokemon Roleplay soon. I'm still working on the specifics of it, but hope to have it out sooner rather than later :]


    Hi ;3

    Also, for Christmas I aint doin SHIT as far as I'm aware. No tree, no eggnog, nuffin. Not even sure if presents are in the mix atm. I got my early one in the form of Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U. Last year there was a tree and fake present boxes to make it look super kawaii, and we had a miniature tree in our room too with glitter everywhere. Yup.