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    I have to admit I'd forgotten about this place, until I got an email notification about this thread being posted to.

    Sorry to hear things aren't great. Someone in my family got diabetes a couple of years ago and he's turned it around, lost a ton of weight and now all the tests are clear. Although the dodgy knee isn't going to help.

    I'm doing alright, finished my novel (finally) and gone back to working from home, mostly, which is better.

    Man where do I start? If I could have any superpower I would have some sort of time freezing or time thingy, and I would read literally everything out there. Alright not literally. But I would read a lot.

    All the Trudi Canavan books. Read two of them and can't wait to find time to read the next one.

    Most of Charles Dickens, although there's a nagging suspicion I would get fed up after a while.

    Some more stuff by Toni Morrison. Read Beloved for my uni (college) course and that was pretty great.

    Areopagitica by John Milton, along with Payne's Rights Of Man

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    Eh, I could take Game Of Thrones or leave it. Sorry, just wasn't that wowed by the first few chapters. The tv series is a hook though.

    Some pulp fantasy stuff, like The Eternal Champion series

    The Silmarilion

    I'm sure there's more but that will do

    Avatar was completed overrated and an awful film. I just didn't enjoy it as much as others seem to have. For me, the hype was mainly because of the way it was made and how it looked because everything else was awful.

    Couldn't agree more. The first half hour makes you go 'ooooh', and then it becomes a "are we really doing this? Yeah, we're really doing this." So you spend the next hour and a half trying to make yourself go 'ooooh' some more to take your mind off the aweful plotline.

    I think Netflix is cashing in on the apex of a trend. It's been leading up to it for a while, it's almost like certain films are conscious of being a bit geeky, like superhero movies, so they make them really dark and violent to be like "hey, this is proper serious this." But they don't need to; these genres aren't fringe anymore.

    It's been on the horizon for ages though. The 90s mainstream was the end of the scary fun, like Jurassic Park and Jumanji. Then the 'dark is good' started to creep, like in Lord of the Rings they hammed up the sad bits (love LotR, don't get me wrong) and RotK was almost gritty. Then the new Batman trilogy. Then look what Game Of Thrones did! Gritty grimy darkness is the big thing now.

    Buuuut I don't think it'll last much longer. It's too established, too old now. Someone will pick up something new, because it will make them money 8)

    I'm such a sloppy, lazy person when it comes to house chore things but this is my one compulsive habit, along with rinsing cups out. As soon as I'm out of the covers, I grab the duvet and give it a big almighty wave back over the bed. Does that count as making the bed? It looks neat after.

    Man, 1984 was huge, I remember reading it as part of A-level (between normal school and university). I think the comparisons to modern society are a little fanciful but maybe that's another discussion. The one place left that is truly, properly 1984-like is North Korea. They even have hate hours where they are required to scream at pictures of American flags and things.

    It has to be the N64 out of pure nostalgia. So many happy hours playing OoT, MM, Lylat Wars, Mario64, Wipeout, Maria Kart, Turok 2..... The Gamecube was good though, Melee is my favourite Smash Bros title and WW is better than people give it credit for. After that though I dropped out of the Nintendo universe and spent a good decade without a working telly soooo that was the end of the list for me.

    Although actually I will add the Wii didn't do it for me. I get that they were embracing the family friendly thing but I was definitely not the target audience. I turned to Playstation for my sense of operatic grandeur for a while.

    Stephen's work is fascinating. My first bump into it was reading The Shining but I was already in my 20s by that point and didn't get very scared. This is why King said he was so reluctant to write a sequel to it, because he figured a load of people were scared witless by it in their teens and childhood and by the time he wrote the sequel, those same people wouldn't be so easily scared and then they'd blame the book.

    Still, I thought The Shining was genius, the best characterisation I've ever read (stfu Google Autocorrect, I'll put an 's' instead of a 'z' in that word if I want! viva la Grande Bretagne)

    Right now, reading Lady Of The Rivers by Phillipa Gregory and Pax Britannicus: A Century Of Empire by James Morris.

    I still use Facebook loads because it is darned useful for group chats, but I skip the timeline mostly too. Facebook is where we do all the day-to-day chatting for our record label, and as any band these days pretty much needs a facebook, we chat with our bands there too. I also chat a lot with my brother from Cyprus which is useful because I can do both things in the same place without multiple tabs and windows.

    I don't post very much at all though or do the normal social butt-sniffing, but it has its uses.

    There's a divide between my first consoles and anything older because the N64 was one of the first all-3D consoles. Even many of the PC games I played before it were 3D for the most part, except your old-school RTS games, and Pharaoh and Civilisation. But generally, there's this 2D is retro, 3D is from my era sort of thing. I struggle to picture what it was like to get all hyped up about the older 2D games because I can't imagine immersing in them the same as a 3D game. And I'm nearly 30 now, if that makes you feel any better :)

    Hello, there's a thread with my name on it!

    Thank you for thinking so highly of me - although given how long it took me to notice this thread, it might be a sign as to how reliable I'll be... :thumbup:

    Other than that, I accept the offer on the condition that I can't guarantee my activity? (but I'll try and keep on top of things)

    And no I'm not mad either, I could have turned it down. That warn hammer looks way to good not to use though, just sayin'. Oh what!! "I'm not authorized to execute that action" - I tried warning Link but oh well.