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    I hope so. Dont understand why we have all these registrations and little activity. :-(

    Hmm... I don't know. I don't usually have much to say on forums. Or I don't know where to start.
    Maybe everyone who signed up is like me?

    Are you thinking of the Space Quest games? They star a dude named Roger Wilco.

    Space quest! Yeah!
    Some names just stick with you more than others I guess. I think he was a space janitor who got caught up in a bunch of adventures... And there were lots of ways to die... I don't know. I'm purposely trying not to look it up to test my memory retention because I was sooooo young.
    Now let's see...
    <after checking>
    Wow! I actually remembered something totally right! XD
    And it makes sense, from space quest 3 onwards, Roger Wilco was the primary name on the box with space quest small on the tip top. So to a kid I guess that means it's called Roger Wilco. XD

    I think out of any game I've played, Rayman Legends probably has done water levels the best. Not only in controls, but also in tone. Origins did them well too, but Legends had more flare... with frogs in Tom Clancy parodying suits and oh... The music... So good. I could talk about those games for hours.
    Mega man does water levels pretty good too.
    Mario... Has never faired as well.
    A lot of more realistic games do "swimming" segments fine. I think the main issue is just lies in where exactly the design is focused when the level is being developed.
    The reason the water temple is terrible, mainly, is the iron boots and the fact that you constantly have to rise and fall after equiping them and taking them off. (You had to equip/unequip them from the menu back on the N64, which is where it gets the bad reputation) That's just clunky design. And that's the thing about water levels. If you cant find a way to design them in a player-friendly way... Just don't.

    I guess if you tone down the definition of "rage" a bit, then I actually surprised myself recently, in the worst way. XD
    My sister and I recently bought Rare Replay and basically started marathoning the Banjo Kazooie games. We played them for about four days straight, we beat the first one easy... But honestly... I forgot how big the second one was. By the time you get the the end of that game, it runs you ragged and you JUST want to fight the final boss. It's a struggle to get just enough to get to the final area... You beat the fight a miniboss and beat a quiz to unlock the final boss and... Wait... Why is there another locked door...? I NEED ANOTHER FIFTEEN JIGGIES?!
    Im... I'm gonna... go... do... Something... Else...

    Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt. One of them. Boring and predictable.

    Same here, I'm not sure if they the first I played. But it's my first memory... I think. Other than those two, most of my early childhood game memories are occupied with DOS games like Jazz Jackrabbit, 2D-Duke Nukem and point and click adventure games. (Also, anyone else remember a game series called Roger Wilco?)

    So... Am I the only person who saw the title of this thread and thought about the movie "The Color Purple", was going to make a joke, only to remember what the movie is about?

    ...I am?

    ...I see...

    I know this isn't really Zelda-y. But I guess this particular thread took on a life of its own over time. And I won't keep posting on it, but if anyone is particularly interested in checking out my channel after all that was the Skyward Sword dub, we are starting up an Undertale dub right now. The first episode was just released and we're very excited!
    I wish everyone here the best of luck. But I'll still stop by from time to time. ^.^

    Heck no! I am certain there's a TON that has gone unspoken about this game. I can't wait to see what's in store for this game. The trailers have all been so intense, while extremely vague. Then at E3 they tried to pretend it was a game with no story at all. Then they went right back to intense trailers.

    Considering I don't have a Wii U and can't afford a Switch, the whole spoiler debate doesn't really effect me anyway. XD
    But it was something I felt would make for some fun discussion. I'm looking forward to checking the game out at my friend's house from time to time. Though starting my own game probably won't happen.

    Adding voice acting is probably one of the ballsiest movements.

    Honestly, I have been of a mind that the addition of voice acting simply comes down to music. They can't keep putting Zelda's lullaby on loop during dramatic cutscenes forever... Even if fans do call it artsy.
    They were so restricted by that ridged format that they couldn't really make the cinematics that they were so clearly trying to make in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword because the player always had to press A.
    This way, they can have free-flowing scenes with dynamic music without younger viewers getting frustrated by text that moves away too fast.
    Though it would be nice to have an option to turn the voices off/down for old school fans.

    Honestly, I'm a little concerned with the amount of content Nintendo has put out about BoTW. It's gone beyond teasing. I wish they would just stop and maybe stick to a promo image here or there. I'm glad they've stuck to in game footage rather that pre-rendered crap like most tripple A companies. But at least those games leave stuff to be discovered. No matter how big this world is, I have a feeling it's going to feel a bit more mundane now that we've seen as much as we have.
    How do you feel?

    I though I had liked each video I saw but I'll double check.
    Congrats on the momentum and lets hope it continues.

    Oh, if you did that's fine. I wouldn't know. I also don't know your YouTube name, so if you've been commenting under another name I still couldn't tell. The problem with embedded players is the lack of direct feedback on the video's page itself.
    Thanks for the Twitter plug by the way. And glad you got a job. ^.^

    Groose in 1:50 is so fitting. 4:50 got me laughing out loud!
    You guys had so much fun with it. It makes me so happy. (n_n)

    It is only that I haven't finished the SS game that I haven't seen your amazing conclusion but you guys are a huge motivator for me to get done with this game because I know how much I am missing. I want to get done just so I can hear your dub on it. All I have heard and watched so far has been really enjoyable and good quality and I really think they could make radio episodes.

    I am very happy you kept posting each episode even if we are such a small community. Thank you very much. Really.

    Well I'd like to thank you guys for being supportive. This is really the only feedback I've gotten apart from a few regulars and the voice actors themselves. I can't get my family or friends to even glance at the things. And the ZeldaUniverse people, while I'm helping them with the Twilight Princess dub... They won't really talk to me about this, and if I bring it up things get weird. Now that I'm done they say they want to re-do Skyward Sword. Which is... What am I supposed to say to that?
    Regardless, thanks for the support. I hope you come back once you finish the game and tell me how you think it holds up. Happy gaming. ^.^
    [DOUBLEPOST=1485527086,1484296880][/DOUBLEPOST]Hey, sorry to ask this, but if you guys could head over to YouTube and press the like button (if you did in fact like the videos) it would help me out big time.
    I'm finally starting to get some views, but I really need to keep the momentum going.…35Djm2B0YvETutFh2bUKdOXS1

    Episode 7 is up... It was a slog to get through and I feel it really shows in the end product...

    I'm just glad to have this filler crap out of the way so I can focus on the meat.
    Episode 8. The finale!
    Almost done with episode 8. No ridiculous delays like last time.
    I just hate editing these dang fight scenes. Strafing is the worst...
    On the bright side, I ended up having to go with a different Demise and he pulled it off beautifully.
    But yeah, with any luck this should be out around Wednesday or Thursday.
    I want to beat the switch announcment by a wide margin.
    The Final Episode is Live!
    I hope you guys enjoy, we really put a lot into this one.

    Hmm... I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit to full time Zelda content. Especially not pro-bono. I'd love to, but I simply don't have the time. XD
    The Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess dubs were major passion projects, but I still have other plans for the PlotlinePlus channel.
    Maybe sometime in the future though, it sounds like a lot of fun! ^.^

    So, one of the things I loved about OoT and MM (my first Zelda games) was that the music was slightly odd. Brilliant, and so perfect for the mood and setting, but just a bit unusual. And that made it seem like a unique place with a strong identity. But, as the series progresses, the music gets more and more hollywood theme-y. Like the Skyward Sword theme - beautiful, BUT... it isn't quite Zelda, know what I mean? It sounds too much like any other western game or movie - where's that quaint oddness that makes it what it is?

    I understand what you mean by the quaintness of the music. Often times in in Oot and Majora's Mask there was this eerie, almost uneasy feeling I got playing the game. But a lot of that comes down to system limitations. The N64 could only handle so much. The system's storage was pretty low, but they allocated the space they were given brilliantly. And while people complain about the graphics today, the uncanny weirdness of the chiptunes compliment them fine. For example, I don't get the same feeling playing the remakes with that same music as I do in it's original state.
    But since then, every country (including Japan) has long since moved on. And there is no excuse for a first party developer to treat their golden Cucoo with such disrespect. Almost every piece of music (while beautifully composed) is still moreorless thrown together on a computer. Those songs deserved to be orchestrated, and there's no reason (at least that I can think of) not to use real instruments.
    This song plays in the overworld in a game that came out about the same time as Windwaker with a much smaller team of developers and about a quarter of the budget.

    And I don't understand why Nintendo gets away with it. Because it's easier to loop in case the player never presses A to continue the dialogue? ...sigh... But no, the music has nothing to do with western culture rubbing off on the series. It's more likely that the series just got stagnent, and possibly a little lazy in the execution of the sound department. With that said, I would love to hear them raise the bar, use some real instruments, but keep the integrity.

    So, one of the things I loved about OoT and MM (my first Zelda games) was that the music was slightly odd. Brilliant, and so perfect for the mood and setting, but just a bit unusual. And that made it seem like a unique place with a strong identity. But, as the series progresses, the music gets more and more hollywood theme-y. Like the Skyward Sword theme - beautiful, BUT... it isn't quite Zelda, know what I mean? It sounds too much like any other western game or movie - where's that quaint oddness that makes it what it is?

    Not quite sure what you mean by this one. Orchestrations and greater music variation has nothing to do with western culture. Majora's Mask and OoT's music sounded the way it did because the limited hardware of the N64 only had so much space. And they allocated that space beautifully. The games weren't much to look at, but the strange bit-tunes had an eerie atmosphere that complimented it. Honestly, playing the remakes with the same music isn't the same. Back then, it worked.
    But... Zelda never moved on. As a matter of fact, the rest of the world, Japan included, moved on. But no, not Zelda. But there is no excuse for Twilight Princess and Windwaker not to have at least SOME orchestrated tracks or real insruments. Which is infuriating because the songs are so delightfully composed.
    The sound effects don't hold up much better... But that really only matters in the case of TP. Zelda is Nintendo's huge money maker, right next to mario. First party. There should be no expense spared. And honestly, the sound design on these last few games feels lazy to me. Skyward Sword notwithstanding. (The last shot before the credits should have orchestrated music playing, and unless a bunch of guys were sitting on a stage with their computers... I'm not impressed.)

    Phew... Sorry. That's been welling up for a while now.