The Leaked SS Poster E3 2009

This is a HQ image of the poster showing a second Zelda game was being developed for the Wii.
This game later on was revealed on the E3 2010 and introduced as "Skyward Sword"

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  • There were so much speculation on this. I remember at first people thought Fi might be the Fairy Queen from WW based off that artwork.

    This was also before they really were set on the game's artstyle. I remember at first people thought the game was probably going to continue on the more realistic graphic style of TP.

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  • I remember the rumors of Twilight Princess, people thought Midnas hat was the hilt of the Master Sword, and here exposed eye was like the eye on the sword (Maybe that was the original plan...)They thought she was the master sword. Its funny that the next real Zelda game is that is kinda what Fi represents.

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