• Glad you're getting some better hours at work. Do be sure to take care of yourself!

    Photography is/was (who knows in this COVID world?) a seasonal gig, but we handled so many schools that there were two long seasons each year. My work was 4.5 months on, 1.5 months off, then repeat.

    Last few months have been busy. Getting ready for Christmas, and putting the final touches on a book I'd like to release in January. What about you? Any holiday plans?

  • Well, with retail and as a casual other than Christmas day, I don't have a day off circling around. I've been having last minute swaps having me come a day I was originally off. That being said, I still get along really well with everyone. Some customers wear me off, but it's not unexpected with the stress by the season shopping.

    And that sounds amazing, LS! Pretty exciting to be so close to releasing your book! I hope it all goes smoothly! :)

  • Having coworkers you enjoy being around is such a big deal. I'm glad you've got that going for you!

    The book is out (https://www.paperspencils.com/new-release-miscreated-creatures/), and I'm in the midst of my regular post-book-launch-depression right now. I might spend some time trying to focus on contract work for other people's books, rather than writing my own. I've picked up some useful skills from going through the process a few times now. Allowing myself to focus only on a certain aspect iof a production, and letting someone else worry about the big picture stuff, would be a nice change of pace right now.

    Anybody feel like writing their memoirs or something? My layout rates are very reasonable. :P

  • To be completely honest, I didn't know that post publishing depression was a thing until I read your entry. Then I read some and thought some more and I think it makes sense, even though the reasons for it can vary from person to person. It is good that at least now you kind of know to expect it and trying to deal with it without letting you be paralyzed by it.

    Hopefully, for the next book, you'll be able to do that and let go through some parts of the process.

    I know I am quite late with it but still, congratulations for having published that book. I think it is really cool. Is your target audience seasoned Role Players or just anyone can enjoy reading about these monsters you came up with? I think it is really awesome that you are using something that you have had an inclination, based on what you wrote about the age you were already doodling monsters to fuel a book out of it and share with world some of them.

  • Thank you. :) The book mostly targets more experienced runners of TTRPGs, since the book is unlikely to reach anyone who isn't experienced with them. None the less, I do think it's a fairly accessible text.

    You seem to be a bit more active online this past month! It has been nice seeing you around on twitter and on here. :)