Do you think this game is overrated?

  • Majora's Mask was the successor title after Ocarina of Time, both console and chronological timeline order. It was a game that bore on their shoulders a great deal of expectations measures based on the acclaimed predecessor.

    Despite this, the game decided to go with risky changes that made it unique and these differences were the ones that once divided the fans. MM was not always been seen as a model game. Its save mode, the short amount of dungeons and an ending far from perfect for the taste of many people, made some to praise it and others not even bother after the first play session.

    MM used to be seen as an imperfect game, an acquired taste wine, where it was necessary to take the sting from the first drink to see what the game had to offer. Once accustomed to the taste then MM became a different and enjoyable experience. Not that it was not tedious at times, but digging around and growing attached to that world put a different spin. One wouldn't play just to finish the game but to unlock and see all events, reactions and possible resolutions.

    Eventually this title, which has always had a rabid fans, has come to light, not with little help from the articles of Dan Hylian (Message of Majora's Mask) and nostalgia that makes us want them to take elements for future games or solve the mysteries caused in the series timeline.

    After the release of the remake OoT 3D, people claim through the "Moonfall" project that a similar remake of MM is released.

    But is Majora's Mask as good of a game as people claim?
    Perhaps is now being placed on a higher pedestal than it deserves... What do you guys think?