Greater than OoT?

  • I personally don't see whats so special about OoT, but then again I got it when it came out for gamecube not N64. I think TP will be 120 times greater than OoT, and theres no reason why it shouldn't be. It has better graphics, more world interaction, more sidequests, more dungeons, more towns, bigger hyrule field...... ( Keeps on Going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on then falls asleep :sleep) Well I think I've made my point. (muahahahahahahahaha :suspicious)

    Link will not always win, this terrible fact we must face. Eventually he will fail, I believe this moment will come in Twilight Princess.

  • Ocarina of Time was a break through game for the N64. When judging it now, though, against current graphics and the like it's a little unfair. There were things that simply couldn't be used with that system. Nevertheless the game has provided an equal amount of dungeon and side-quest glory. I mean, the Water Temple still gives people problems after several times through. Some of them are just pure fun as well, and the game itself runs smoothly with no loading times. There's a lot of sidequests, I think, that are overlooked or simply not called quests at all.

    There's also - you won't have these on the GC version - a ton of really awesome glitches. Wrongfully overlooked, perhaps, but they add a unique re-play bonus.

    Perhpas part of my bias towards the Ocarina of Time comes from the fact that it was the first Zelda game, and indeed first game of that genre, that I ever played. It's kind of grown up with me, so to speak. But that's just me.

    As far as Twilight having no reason not to be better, I cannot argue there, but I'm also cautious. In saying that it's going to be "120 times greater than OoT" that sets a high standard... for any sequal of any game, even if the first one wasn't that great. But yeah, I know you were exagerating to make your point.

    Oh, and one last thing... Do we actually know how many dungeons there are? How many towns? (Sorry if I actually missed an update or something.) It's true that from what we've seen everything seems bigger and better - and I'll admit that the whole world is probably like that - but isn't it possible that all of that will bog down the actual gameplay? In Ocarina of Time you're sort of nestled in this cozy little space where you are free to go from place to place without problem. In Twilight Princess, if the world is as big as it seems, it could turn out to be another sailing epedemic... only this time on horseback.

    All in all I think we'll have to wait and see what Twilight Princess is really like. I don't think it will ever replace Ocarina of Time for myself, or other games for other people despite the fact that it is more technilogically advanced. *Shrugs* If you come into the Zela series on the game, though, perhaps the older ones will pale in comparison. There isn't really a way to tell.

  • I think it was a good game because simply it was the first Zelda game in 3-D. It allowed for a lot of experimentation and the like. Remember it takes time to perfect games and things such as the horseback riding and such. I think they are doing a fine job.

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  • OoT is a classic. I refuse to compare it to any other game. It was excellent and I'm sure TP will be excellent, but I will not say one is, or ever will be, better than the other.

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  • Adventure of Link was good...just quite difficult, plus, if you lost all 3 lives you'd have to start back at North Palace and find your way to wherever all over again.

    Still, good game.