Zelda II will be arriving to the NES Online service

  • The release schedule for their NES Online service this month is only two games. Blaster Master and, of course, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.
    They will become available on January 16.

    Considering that the original The Legend of Zelda has been already released with the service, it is not surprise they are now bringing us the second zelda game originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

  • I cannot wait until they unveil the SNES game system that I guarantee will roll out just when it is time for people to renew their membership.

    With the way they have been doing things lately, that sounds very very likely.
    I definitely hope they bring SNES games.

  • Quote from Nintendo: Oh I know it is almost October BUT If you will just renew your Nintendo Online subscription. OH and what more, for an extra $20 dollars a year, you can get the chance to buy two snes joycon controllers, and get 1 SNES game per month along with the NES games. Do NOT Worry, we will give you all of the shitty games before we give you A Link to the Past

  • I have the SNES classic, I have ALTTP on my GBA, Wii, Wii U, 3DS and I owned it on a SnES before it got destroyed in a friends house fire a little over a year ago.

    I will buy all legitimite copies of it. I guarantee I am not the only one. Nintendo needs to wisen up and realize the loss in revenue. A ton of people would buy any Zelda game rather than rent it.

    I would gladly fork out 10 bucks each generation to buy a zelda game to own it for that specific console.

    The renting/streaming Netflix style of games where you never truely own them is super gay and the person who popularized this method of system needs to be repeatedly punched in the gut. We know this is solely revenue and not a gamer convenience move.

    I want to own games. Not hold onto them until Nintendos fucking eshop goes offline like we know they will on the Wii and Wii U eventually.