What's your opinion on Marin?

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    Marin, Marin, Marin... Before Malon was a thing, there was this chick, and her father "Tarin".

    It's been so many years since this gal appeared in our lives that in many zelda communities, a lot of fans didn't even know who the hell I was talking about when i brought her up as romantic interest for Link. That happened to me even while I was active on the Zelda Amino, so I made a wiki entry for her, which I should probably edit to correct all my typos, haha.

    After Hyrule Warriors brought that sweet DLC that let us see her in HD, I honestly thought that's be the end of it, but the announce of Link's Awakening being remade really got me by surprise. I am really hoping the remake helps bring this gal back in to the radar so at least fans know about her.

    Anyway, I think she is quite an interesting character. She seemed to form a good friendship with Link and it even seems like there were hints that there could be something more. Something I liked about her was how if you kept doing some of the things she initially scolded you she sometimes would let herself be taken by the moment.

    That nice moment they share by the beach and the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" is something I remember a lot from this game. I also remember the funny moments like when they both get a good chance to have their picture taken together and of course you have the father cluelessly butting in between them. haha.

    So she is pretty much good in my books.

    I wonder if playing the game again will change my opinion on her.

    What about you guys? What impressions do you have on the gal?