The Dungeon of Color

  • Which "Power of color" would you choose? 1

    1. BLUE CLOTHES [Defense] (1) 100%
    2. RED CLOTHES [Offense] (0) 0%

    Whelp, I guess this is an spoiler if you haven't finished all there is to do with with Link's Awakening Dx. The version of the game re-released for the Gameboy Color in 1998.

    If you don't care about spoilers or are already familiar with the added elements for this version I guess you are welcome to keep on reading.

    So, we got the Color Dungeon, that extra dungeon you could not access if you weren't playing the game in color. That dungeon had puzzles relying on colors. I don't remember much but maybe you do. How did you like those puzzles? :lol:

    Once you completed it you would find a Great Fairy who would bestow on you the Power of Color by letting you choose between two tunics. Now, feel free to correct me if I am wrong on this but I think the Red Tunic would double your attack power so you need half the hits to kill something, and the blue tunic would double your defense so you would receive half the damage.

    So if you had played this far you can tell us which one did you ended choosing and if you regretted it.

    So in general, why did you think of this whole "Dungeon of color" addition?