The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (ALttP)

  • I think that ALttP is very overrated. It was way too hard, and just because it introduced staples doesn't mean that it's better than the other ones that include those staples.

  • I have both versions, have beaten both, and it's pretty good. It's not the best in the series, nor is it the best 2D game. However, it is a special game because it is sort of the turning point of the series. Like people said, it introduced a lot of staples. Furthermore, it has some music that has been reused to this day, as well as it is more complex than the previous two games. The previous two games had their story more contained to just the instruction manuals, ALttP was the first Zelda game to actually flesh out a full fledged story in-game. As well as it sort of fleshed out Ganon(although he wasn't completely fleshed out until OoT, and again some more in FSA). ALttP is also noteworthy of being the biggest and longest Zelda game to this day with it's amount of dungeons (not counting the oracles linked together). ALttP may not be the greatest, but it was the turning point of the series and did a lot for the future games. Without it, Zelda would be drastically different. I'd overall, give this game a 9.4/10. There isn't much wrong with it.

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    It had some hardass bosses.

    By that, I would mainly assume the Helmasaur King.

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    By that, I would mainly assume the Helmasaur King.

    damn. that was the only hard boss! especially if you play it on VC and use the control stick. this game wasnt meant for a control stick...

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    It's actually one of my favorites and it introduces the hookshot! And it includes Chris Holihan (SP?)

    It was a great game! heh. And the secret room with Chris Holihan, he won at a draw in Nintendo Power or something so they put his name there in the room. lol. n_n