Twilight Princess Glitches thread

  • Here is where you post your glitches for Twilight Princess Wii or Gamecube:

    Must include:

    Name of Glitch:
    What does it do?:
    How to do it:
    Is it harmful?:


    Name: Twilight Princess CD-Stream Glitch 2.0 (credit to mzurules's: Twilight Princess CD-Stream Glitch
    What does it do?: After you lift the Twilight, you can use this on to go through the walls of Lake Hylia, and onto the sides where the archers are. I did fall a few times into the void of space and had to do it several times. Edit on 6/20: I managed to get Epona next to an archer and left her forever on on the hill while I was down below her. She couldn't get off[/end edit]
    How to do: Follow this in the same fashion, but do not flip the gamecube disk until you reach the fork in the road before Lake Hylia. If done correctly and fast enough, you can enter through the wall below the first archer. =D
    Harmful?: Somewhat. you can only use it once per playing time, or sometimes it makes you fall through the ground even if Lake Hylia is there. Also can make your game freeze and the only cure is to pull the power cord out.

  • Name: Umm... See the Ordon Sword on your back! (XD...)
    What does it do?: Nothing usefull really.
    How to do: First play normaly untill you have the Wooden Sword. Then go out the the woods and pick up the biggest rock you can find. Now walk over to the gate and set the rock in the middle. Angle yourself btween the rock and the gate and sidestep. It may take a few tries, but then you will be inside the gate. Once in face away from the bridge and keep rolling. If done right you will be on the other side. Now go save Talo. When the next day rolls around you won't have to give Malo and Talo your sword! Then when you wake up in wolf form, you will see the Ordon Sword on your back; however the game still thinks you have the Wooden Sword, so you have to get it again.
    You can also get your horse at this point. If you get your horse you can do the first glitch in this video: YouTube - zelda TP tricks video Then, you can go to Hyrule Field early! (You pretty much hit a dead end at this point though...)
    Harmful?: No... Well if you go to Kakariko early, well you're stuck... You can't get out, so that file is useless really.
    _________________________________________________Name: Floating Key
    What does it do?: Cuases a key to float...
    How to do: I'm not sure if I'm the first to find it but here it is: (You must have just gotten the Master Sword.) Go do the Gerudo Desert as usual, but when you get the the pig over the fire kill the Bulbin next to it, but DON'T pick up the key. Now, bust the pig apart, but DON'T pick up the Piece of Heart. Now, step back a little ways, and get out your Gale Boomerang. Target the PoH first, then the Key. Now let go of the boomerang. The PoH will get to you first. You'll get the PoH sequence and when that's done, the key will be floating in the air! Just walk up to it to grab it.
    Harmful?: No.

  • Name of Glitch: Early Master Sword glitch
    What does it do: It lets you have the Master Sword early in the game after you first turn into a wolf and allows Link to be a human in the Twilight Realm before Zant curses him.
    How to do it: During the fight against the three Shadow Beasts as soon as you enter Faron Woods, position one of them in front of the tree next to a big boulder. Use Midna's Charge attack and, if you time it just right, you'll kill the beast and land on top of the boulder, out of the barrier. Next, go around the tree, being careful not to fall back down, and go across the wooden entrance, being very careful here, as it's easy to fall off at this point. Then, try to get up onto the ledge in front of you and head to the bridge in the ground. Once there, head behind the other trees beside the bridge, and keep heading straight until you come to a wall. Amazingly, you can past through this wall and land right on the ledge leading into the Sacred Grove. I think you know what to do from here. After that, you can now warp back to Faron Woods and the Twilight will no longer effect you or stop you from transforming into a human.
    Is it harmful?: As far as I know, not really, unless you want the story to be accurate.

    Here's a video showing it in action:

  • ^I've heard of that glitch before.

    XD I wonder who discovers these glitches... they have too much time on their hands XD

  • Quote from Wild Cucco

    ^I've heard of that glitch before.

    The bad thing is that you still have to free the light spirits and Wolf Link will look screwed up during the cutscenes.

  • Quote from Muigi

    The bad thing is that you still have to free the light spirits and Wolf Link will look screwed up during the cutscenes.

    Thats horrible, and its probably bad for your game.

    Name: Zelda: Twilight Princess Glitch - Invisible Water (credit;DarkShadow)
    What does it do?:Shows you a quick tutorial of how to find a place with invisible water.
    How to do: Follow the tutorial shown in the video.
    Harmful?:Not at all, but I do not recommend you saving the Game after doing the glitch.
    Name: Twilight Princess: Glitches and Fun
    What does it do?: Shows a few glitches during the game.(non tutorial)
    How to do: There is no tutorial. Although it is a fun video to watch
    Harmful?: No. Although if you get around to trying out the glitches I do not recommend saving the Game.

  • Name of Glitch: Infinite Arrows/Bombs/Bomb Arrows (Not founded by me)
    What does it do?: Makes you have infinite Arrows/Bombs/Bomb Arrows
    How to do it:

    You need 20 rupees.

    1) Go to Lake Hylia and then play that Stupid Bird's Game.
    2) Die in the game.
    3) After you wake up, return to wolf form and then go to the water. Pull out the clawshot and swim into the wall by going back and left. Float in the void and die.
    4) Wake up and then talk to the bird as it comes by. Select yes and play again.
    5) Die again.
    6) Wake up in a void and turn into Wolf Link and jump into the river from the void.
    7) Wake up in Lake Hylia and pay 20 rupees
    8) Wake up again in the River Bomb Arrow Game. Warp to anywhere on your map.
    9) Congrats! Infinite Bomb Arrows!

    Is it harmful?: It screws up Wolf Link and Midna's appearance at part 7, but its worth it for an infinite cheat.