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    Test Battle: Tokyo vs. Kyoto!

    While it?s true you can battle over Wi-Fi, your connection environment and
    the distance between players can cause great changes in speed.
    That fact probably makes you a little uneasy.

    So, we conducted an online battle between Nintendo?s headquarters in Kyoto and the development team in Tokyo.
    The distance between Kyoto and Tokyo... is nearly the same distance between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

    *fight can be seen on either the main site or here*


    There was also a Japanese version for the fight that has Mario, Snake, Kirby, and Ike fighting online.

    Mushroomy Kingdom

    Ah, the Mushroom Kingdom. Most Smash players recognize this place from previous games in the series, where the world was represented in a pixel-art style reminiscent of the original Super Mario Bros.

    But why the "y" on the end of "Mushroom"? What’s the difference?

    "Um, maybe I should've come back here sooner..."

    This time around, we’ve designed a stage that recreates the layout of World 1-1 in Super Mario Bros.—but with rich backgrounds added to the mix.

    You can only move straight as the camera moves forward.

    "You will NOT finish the stage!"

    The kingdom you once knew has turned to ruins over the long years, and it is now your battlefield.

    You’ll get to enjoy a wide range of familiar structures. Also, since the stage slowly scrolls sideways, battles here will require you to come up with a very different strategy for winning.

    Oh, and when you select this stage it will occasionally load an alternate underground stage.

    Bowser's pissed because Mario found his secret stash...

    Coolest stage yet. xD

    Just Sonic so far. Some Sonic fans predict that Knuckles and Shadow will also be there...

    I really hope they mean as ATs, because both them and other Sonic characters have no chance to become playable. Just because Sonic is playable doesn't mean his crew also has to be. I mean I could see Tails as an AT, but nothing more really.

    And we are now smacked in the face with new character information.

    Take a look at the icons here. There's Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, LUCARIO, and JIGGLYPUFF.

    Again, look at the icons on the bottom. There's both NESS AND LUCAS.

    You know what this means, don't you? This means that Lucario, Jigglypuff, and Ness are all confirmed to be playable.

    So much for Ness being excluded.

    Seems like the Stickers update isn't so useless after all, now that we see their true use.

    Stickers are actually Adventure Mode power-ups!

    Each sticker in the game hosts a different power-up that aids your character in the Subspace Emissary Adventure Mode.

    You use the underside of a trophy to place stickers on a character trophy, thus giving that character power when you play Adventure Mode.

    Once you're done, you can apply the stickers you placed onto the character you chose.

    Remember that certain stickers can only be used by certain characters however.

    But please be careful. If you happen to kill yourself during Adventure Mode, you lose half of those stickers.

    Welp, so much for those rare stickers you worked hard for.

    But as long as you continue collecting stickers, you shouldn't worry about the loss too much. You'll eventually gain them back.


    This question has caught me a bit curious as to who everyone's favorite character(s) are, so I thought I'd see who has a certain favorite character.

    This thread goes as follows. Post a picture or a link of your favorite character or characters, what game they're from, and why you like them. Just be sure there are no one-liners as to why you do.

    As for my favorites, well I got plenty.


    Game - Super Mario Bros.
    Why - This one should be obvious. If it were not for this sole plumber, we wouldn't have the games we now take for granted. He's the one that started it all, and his latest outing shows that he's still got what it takes to define a new way to play the games we love. The RPG games he starred in gave the character a little more personality and separated him from being a stationary. Nowadays, Mario is seen as a gaming legend, continuing to try and define what a game is truly meant to be.

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Game - Sonic the Hedgehog
    Why - Sonic was basically a faster version of what Mario accomplished back in the day. The games he starred in contained creative platforming levels combined with an essence of speed. Nowadays however, he's seen a bit of a drought of good games lately, but he's slowly starting to make a comeback. Maybe one day we'll see a Sonic game that brings back what it truly means to be the fastest thing alive.

    Sheena Fujibayashi

    Game - Tales of Symphonia
    Why - My list just wouldn't be complete without mentioning her, now would it? Anyways, there's plenty of reasons why I like (dare I say love?) this character. Mainly her back story is something to check out. Lets see you live your life when you wipe out half your own hometown by complete accident when you try to have a summon spirit accept you at a young age. Yeah, not so simple huh? Anyways, I guess what struck me about her is, surprisingly to some of you, not her looks but the way she acts. She tends to act clumsy, surprisingly being an assassin and all, and may trip on her own feet for no reason at all. Something about her, though, just struck a cord in me saying "Holy crap, I just love this character!".

    I'll list more as my brain develops some good memories.

    So, what are some of your favorites?

    ^ The pure essence of epic kickass-ness.

    MM1's are the ultimate destruction weapons.

    Would anybody liek me to post my updates here, or just keep to FL's main page?

    It's your decision. If you wanna post them here, be my guest.

    Anyways, I would post some juicy info from Whoppy 2008 over in Japan (like Zelda's Final Smash), but Brawl Central is apparently shut down for some reason. Oh well, today's update is about challenges.

    The screen usually will never be blank unless you really suck at this game.

    In this mode, you are given rewards based on what you do in the game. The reward you get could be new music, new trophy, or even a new sticker.

    Yay, I got music!

    A red silhouette appears after the square's glass is broken so that you can see the conditions of unlocking them.

    But if you're the impatient person.... can always break the glass by force.

    Just remember that you can only do that three times only. But even some windows can't be broken by the hammer.


    No worries guys, the spark's done and done. She just had a bit of a breakdown there, but I think it's over now.

    *locked to avoid unneeded attention*

    (Shrukan, PM me if you want this unlocked)

    Straight from one of the guides from GameFAQs by CyricZ.

    Hope this helps.