The Official Super Smash Bros Brawl Thread

  • I think that an expert play should be able to escape... But I don't know =/

    Useless on a wide stage, yes. But on stages like the Battlefield, it'll raise so much hell.

  • I really wish they'd stop doing pointless updates. I mean, "Widescreen Capability"? WHAT?! That means nothing XD And we already knew about the controller thing anyway.

    They would've done better with just the DK music XD

  • Meh. Better than nothing, I guess.

    BTW, today's update is epic.

    Wario's Final Smash transforms him into Wario-Man. He doesn't do some big attack, but he does gain some new abilities.


    Huh, I forgot he could fly. xD

    He suggests that we not use his bike, as he goes super fast when he does.

    O SHI-


  • Today's update revolves around the return of Events.

    There's now different difficulty settings and pictures to make them easier to understand!

    Here's some examples of the events shown:

    Two Trouble Kings: As if Bowser wasn't already a handful...

    Dark Link Duel: Duel your shadow!

    Cleaning House in Skyworld: Destroy all of the terrain! Wario's there to get in the way, I think...


  • The last update revolved around past Melee stages returning, but today's update has to do with the Friend List part of Brawl's online.

    The Wii includes a function called Wii Friends, but you will register a separate list of Smash friends.

    Please exchange these numbers with your friends. Write a note, do it over the phone, or send it by e-mail ? just share your numbers with each other.

    Once you?ve both input your codes, it looks something like this.

    Oh! It comes with comments.

    You can enter your own icon and comments.

    This is where you enter your short taunt messages.

    The preparation ends there. After this, you won?t have to do it every time.

    So, let?s play a game! In that case, someone has to enter someone else?s game.

    The person who will host creates a room.

    Everyone can see the status of people on their Friend Roster.

    You can see if they?re online or hosting a match.

    If you want to play together, just select that person?s name and choose OK!

    Join someone who is hosting a match.

    Once all participants select OK...

    You can play.

    Yep. Simple.

    Simple is best.

    By the way, the circle at the top right of your Friend Roster approximates the connection quality of your last connection. The closer it is to blue, the smoother you?ll be able to play.

    Heh, real men use items. That's a good quote. xD

    (and double posted for great justice)

  • Today's update: Pokemon making their return

    If you haven?t played the last game or the one before that, you may be left wondering something like, "Why isn?t this Pok?mon or that Pok?mon in the game?" All I?ve been introducing are the ones new to this game.

    So now I?d like to introduce several of the Pok?mon that appeared in past installments that will be appearing again in Brawl.




    The likelihood of mysterious Pok?mon appearing is quite low. Mew and Celebi are especially rare, but they may leave you some kind of present.



  • Today we got two updates.

    The first shows how Final Smashes work.

    A Smash Ball appears! The tension rises. Since it gives you an attack as powerful as the name Final Smash implies, everyone will battle to the death to get it.


    You can?t get the Smash Ball by simply touching it. You have to bash it and smash it many times until the player who breaks the Smash Ball gets it.

    The Smash Ball?s endurance diminishes with each hit and with time.


    Once a character gets it and begins glowing on standby, he or she just does a standard special move to unleash the Final Smash. Just press the B Button without any directional input.

    It depends on the particular Final Smash, but simply pressing the button at a random time or place might not work to your advantage.

    So pick a position that your move will strike from. Or create conditions under which you will definitely hit your foes. Do all of this while glowing on standby.

    However, if the character on standby gets hit, he or she may fumble the Smash Ball!

    It's MY ball! Give it back!

    Do you use it as soon as you get it? Or save it for later? Do you run from an enemy who got it? Or do you chase him? You?ll need instant situational decision-making!

    And then there?s an element known as the Pity Final Smash. Once a significant point advantage is reached, the losing player is given a bonus chance. When you get this, you will reappear after a KO in Final Smash standby mode.

    Man, now everybody's gonna hate me. D:

    Now, if you don?t want to use Final Smashes whatsoever, you can restrict the appearance of this item in the Item Switch. If you just turn Smash Balls off, you?ll be set.

    The game-changing Final Smash. Using it is fun. Running from it is fun, too.

    I want to know how Samus is falling in that one screen....

    The second update is finally some original music that isn't from a certain character's series.

    "X: Tunnel Scene" (1:00)

    *see the site to hear the song*

    Composition Supervisor: Kazumi Totaka
    Arrangement Supervisor: Yusuke Takahama
    ? The copyright for this music is held by Nintendo.
    ? Check your volume settings.

    My song choices for this game were made very carefully after surveying song popularity, using opinions submitted to the Smash Bros. web site and listening to the songs themselves.

    But there are also some songs I added based entirely on my own whims. This one song is from a Japan-only Game Boy game called X. If a song is good, that?s enough for me.

    Of course, there is no X stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but this time, the songs in Smash Bros. aren?t limited only to those series represented by characters and stages. We?ve pulled some that are from completely unrelated games.

    Can you expect to hear this song or that song? You?ll just have to wait and see.

    Interesting, ey?


  • Today's update:
    Dedede's Final Smash: <Waddle Dee Army>

    King Dedede?s Final Smash is a mountain of Waddle Dees called the Waddle Dee Army!

    Hmm. I guess it?s in his character to leave the work to someone else.

    He whistles for something....

    Woah, what the-?

    It's raining Waddle Dees!

    You can?t tell from a picture, but the speed of these Waddle Dees is quite a bit faster than the ones he normally calls. You need to watch out to make sure you don?t suddenly get swept off the screen.

    But the most dangerous thing of all is that the spike-headed Gordos are also mixed into the crowd.



  • Since Muigi is grounded, we might need a new reporter. But then agian, they are taking a break since the 28th of December to the fourth of January. I'd need a personal opinion about it. I'd do it, but I need alittle more information about Muigi, like how long he is grounded...

  • Well I'm not grounded anymore Ty, so you don't need to worry. xP

    As for today's update, we now have Multi-Man Brawl option, introducing the Fighting Alloy Team, and it even comes with a surprise!

    There's now co-op Multi-Man Brawls online and off!


  • Yeah it's true Muigi,

    But you can still post updates here, but make sure that Tywar hasn't done them already.

    Can't wait for Brawl though, it's gonna be good.

    I usually put them up in here regardless. :P

    Anyways, new update: OMFG NEW CHARACTER

    According to Dojo, Olimar won't even be able to do a Smash Attack without Pikmin, so this might be interesting to see how this goes. x3