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    Please, let's not provoke anymore fighting. At least give CC a chance to prove he's changed besides coming straight out and bashing? When you do that, it makes him the way he was before when he got banned. Just stop the fighting. I seriously hate it when people have to bring hell back into the forum.

    Needless to say, I'm wholeheartedly agreeing with you on this matter. As Lord of the Twilight can eventually still make the decision to ban me once again, but I'm just here to tie up some loose ends. That's all.

    As for Shrukan's anger management, I'd highly recommend to go into theory. It's getting really annoying, and I'm not the only one who thinks that.

    Ah great. I thought the site a had chance to revive itself from the hacking, but the "changed" man is just back to cause more trouble than before. Look the only thing you have changed CC/TT is the fact your diapers. You cry, wet yourself, and then get changed. You expect things to change when you beg or "wet/cry". I know what will happen again. You'll demand to be admin, and get it for a day or so, then be demoted and then be promoted once more in an endless cycle. I despise you whenever you come back, merely because of your attitude. You pissed me off once and got banned, then came back, then banned again, came back once more, and you seem to like continuing this god damn trend. Sam will never learn from this, and he'll continue to make mistakes.

    I didn't ask for a ban, you did in the end. You became totally emo, and I couldn't help it. I just took it like a man.

    The rest is just plain bs in my eyes, so you can keep those comments to yourself.

    Also: Please, change your attitude.

    Yes, Child Pornography is punishable by law. I don't think Hentai and Pornography that's not of children should be punishable, which it's not. And yes, the law does consider Hentai and Regular Pornography equally, but I don't find Hentai as bad, as it is of fictional characters, rather than actual people.

    That's correct, however...

    Fictional characters are seemingly less worse, but they're actually not. A vagina remains a vagina, and a penis remains a penis. That's an undeniable fact.

    Whether it is animated or realistic doesn't matter.

    I think that regular porn is worse than hentai. Hentai mainly consists of fictional characters, mostly anime/manga/video game related. Just plain porn is based more on real people. Child pornography is terrible, and illegal. Most child pornography is made against the child's will and not to mention is inhumane, unnecessary, and just straight-out nasty. Neither porn nor hentai or good things, but I do think that regular pornography is worse than hentai.

    Your solution is seemingly logical, but it isn't completely. My opinion, based on the hard facts, will reveal how tight the actual looks are upon this.

    The law enforces rules, we are guided by these rules. If we tend to break or take advantage of the rules, we'll will be punished eventually.

    Hentai is basically just a sexual intercourse, as well as regular porn. The law does indeed consider them equally, as it were. Sex remains sex, whether it is actually drawn or not. Whether the character is actually fictional, that doesn't determine anything. The images contain sexual harrasment, you can be punished for that.

    And also, as you mentioned yourself, child pornography is definitely socially unacceptable.

    I'd like this discussion to be taken seriously.

    So, you've all presumably heard that a guy has been sentenced to prison for five entire years. Simply because he had acquired three large carts full of cartoon-based porn, generally child-porn, however. It's also commonly known by the term "hentai." For those who are amazingly obsessed with anim?/manga should most likely remember the term.

    Anyway, my main question is: Do you consider hentai and regular porn equally? Or are they just as worse as they appear?