Who are your favorite video game characters?

  • This question has caught me a bit curious as to who everyone's favorite character(s) are, so I thought I'd see who has a certain favorite character.

    This thread goes as follows. Post a picture or a link of your favorite character or characters, what game they're from, and why you like them. Just be sure there are no one-liners as to why you do.

    As for my favorites, well I got plenty.


    Game - Super Mario Bros.
    Why - This one should be obvious. If it were not for this sole plumber, we wouldn't have the games we now take for granted. He's the one that started it all, and his latest outing shows that he's still got what it takes to define a new way to play the games we love. The RPG games he starred in gave the character a little more personality and separated him from being a stationary. Nowadays, Mario is seen as a gaming legend, continuing to try and define what a game is truly meant to be.

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Game - Sonic the Hedgehog
    Why - Sonic was basically a faster version of what Mario accomplished back in the day. The games he starred in contained creative platforming levels combined with an essence of speed. Nowadays however, he's seen a bit of a drought of good games lately, but he's slowly starting to make a comeback. Maybe one day we'll see a Sonic game that brings back what it truly means to be the fastest thing alive.

    Sheena Fujibayashi

    Game - Tales of Symphonia
    Why - My list just wouldn't be complete without mentioning her, now would it? Anyways, there's plenty of reasons why I like (dare I say love?) this character. Mainly her back story is something to check out. Lets see you live your life when you wipe out half your own hometown by complete accident when you try to have a summon spirit accept you at a young age. Yeah, not so simple huh? Anyways, I guess what struck me about her is, surprisingly to some of you, not her looks but the way she acts. She tends to act clumsy, surprisingly being an assassin and all, and may trip on her own feet for no reason at all. Something about her, though, just struck a cord in me saying "Holy crap, I just love this character!".

    I'll list more as my brain develops some good memories.

    So, what are some of your favorites?

  • lols yeah Sonic is Awesome. i remember playing sonic the hedgehog on the master system when i was way younger. when i was about 7-8 i think.

    lols the sonic the hedgehog game on the master system was way easy, but me and my brother could never find all the chaos emeralds. we could never find the one on the scrap barin level.

    i only found that Chaos Emerald after 10 Years while i was playing that Sonic Game on "Sonic Mega Collection Plus".

    Mario is cool too, but there is way too many mario games, and i still haven't played most of them. i like him also because he just a plumber, an ordinary person who saves the world. lols makes me wonder if i could save the world in some way.

    I also Like another character from a video game, Phoenix Wright because he is funnny sometimes. also the game is a good game. almost makes me want to be a lawyer or something. just so i can say "Obejection" lols

    I like playing Street Fighter. and i like Ryu from Street Fighter. lols All of his Attack are just Awesome, and most of his Attacks remain unchanged thoughout all the Street Fighter games he has appeared in, which is ALL of them i think. "HADOKEN"

    Vegeta: ITS OVER 9000

    Friend made this for me (starlight from TZ)