Lunar Children & The Moon

  • I've only actually played Majora's Mask once, back in like 2002-2003. So my memory for the details, and ability to theorize about the game's meaning, is not so good.

    My personal view is that a division has taken place within Skull Kid. When you're drunk, sometimes you'll do or say something, and a little voice in the back of your head will go "Huh. I would not have done that if I was sober. I would have thought about doing it, but I wouldn't have actually done it." Your normal controls over yourself aren't working the way they normally do. Which isn't usually a problem if you drink responsibly.

    The mask is like being really, super, evil-magic level drunk. It's drawing out Skull Kid's worst impulses, and suppressing his inhibitions to the point where they're completely isolated. Skull Kid, after all, is a lonely and bitter person. I'm sure there are moments when he thinks how much better it would be if he just blew up the whole world. Of course, he'd never do it when he's sober.

    The kid sitting alone is Skull Kid's control over himself. The kids which represent the giants are trying to reach him, but they can't.

    Don't do Majora's Mask, kids.