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    I don't think we have "casual" as a job class in the U.S., at least not in such a formalized context.

    It sounds awful to hear you describe it, though I'm glad it has worked for you.

    I'm not familiar with the term "casual" in this context. I presume it's like a seasonal worker? Someone employed during a busy period, with the expectation that they'll be let go at the end?

    I've never done that work myself, though I did work at a grocery store during a few major food holidays.

    I've come to have a strong preference for games that don't have metagame difficulty selectors. I feel like whenever I am asked to select a difficulty up front, I pick the wrong one. Either I pick 'hard' on games where it's far too punishing to be possible for a first time player, or I pick 'normal' in games where it's entirely too easy to be a fun challenge.

    I have enjoyed "count to 10,000" threads on other forums. Particularly when folks are only allowed to use images for the numbers they post.

    Like you said, it serves as a reason to check in regularly, and a sort of default space for casual chit chat when the forum is slow elsewhere.

    BotW2 feels like a November 2021 release at the earliest. Though, BotW came out in like March or something, correct? And it obviously performed quite well. Though I suspect that was more a result of Nintendo being desperate to get the Switch out as soon as possible, and to start it with a heavy hitter like a mainline Zelda game.

    Having coworkers you enjoy being around is such a big deal. I'm glad you've got that going for you!

    The book is out (…ase-miscreated-creatures/), and I'm in the midst of my regular post-book-launch-depression right now. I might spend some time trying to focus on contract work for other people's books, rather than writing my own. I've picked up some useful skills from going through the process a few times now. Allowing myself to focus only on a certain aspect iof a production, and letting someone else worry about the big picture stuff, would be a nice change of pace right now.

    Anybody feel like writing their memoirs or something? My layout rates are very reasonable. :P

    Bah, the idea of being 'too old' for something fun is a scam run by miserable adults who don't think other adults are miserable enough. Take joy in what you can. :)

    Well if you are ever inclined to take a photograph, it'd be neat to see our human friend claraviolet and her doll in matching outfits. :)

    I suspect there's a little economics of scale here (they're a niche product, so they get manufactured in small batches, and small batches are more expensive than big ones), as well as a preying upon commodity fetishism. The more expensive they are, the more people value them.

    I used to work at company that manufactured water cooling blocks, and we sold a coolant liquid that was formulated & tested specifically to work with our equipment. The coolant was 98% water, so we sold it for something like $4 per bottle. Because it was so cheap, people assumed it was low quality, so they often bought their coolant elsewhere. (And, often, that coolant had chemical in it that were corrosive when used with our equipment).

    So we raised the price of our coolant to $15, and it started selling much better, because people perceived it as more valuable, even though it was still the same 98% water solution it had always been.

    Glad you're getting some better hours at work. Do be sure to take care of yourself!

    Photography is/was (who knows in this COVID world?) a seasonal gig, but we handled so many schools that there were two long seasons each year. My work was 4.5 months on, 1.5 months off, then repeat.

    Last few months have been busy. Getting ready for Christmas, and putting the final touches on a book I'd like to release in January. What about you? Any holiday plans?

    It is peculiar the way the pre-OOT games feel abandoned. Even back in the early 2000s I remember that 90% of Zelda stuff online was either for OOT, MM, or WW, with a little Oracle games here and there. And sure, those were the recent games at the time, so it's reasonable that they got the most attention.

    But here we are 20 years later, and it feels like OOT, MM, and WW are still getting a lot of love, along with the mainline games that came after them (TP, SS, BoTW). I wanna see pink haired SNES link in Smash Bros, gosh dang it!