Careful linking your Ubisoft Account on your Nintendo Switch

  • Ah, well. It seems I made a mistake some time ago. I could swear I had linked my Kaynil Nintendo account to Ubisoft back on the WiiU. Then again on the switch while playing Just Dance 18. Then, I think a year ago, I ended up linking my secondary account. I think it was when I was setting my mobile as a possible controller where I ended using the wrong account.

    Now, even if I unlinked it, Ubisoft is keeping the record in such a manner I can only link back to it and no other switch account.

    I suppose they do that to avoid fraud and re-sell if accounts or something. I really made a big mistake linking it.

    It'sjust a bummer because I bought Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and there's a mode called network and now I am afraid I can't play multiplayer online with my primary account.

    I'm even considering deleting it and start over as a last resort. For now I used twitter to DM their support account.

    But yeah, if you link, just make sure you got the right one, as you won't be able to change your mind.

  • As an update, they eventually got back to me on twitter and opened a case for me. They were pretty nice about it and severed my ties with the other account when I said I was fine losing everything gained on it. So now I got the right accounts too! :D

    Also, that Network mode from Scott Pilgrim game, seems to be for rewards. You don't need to link to play the game online with others which us a huge relief.