Bardcore / Medieval song covers

  • So I am loving Hildegard Von Blingin and Agal the Bard.

    Hildegard has a nice singing voice and adapts the lyrics to fit the medieval context, which creates some interesting pieces.

    Here's "Somebody I used to know":

    Agal, doesn't do vocals often, and instead tries to reproduce modern music utilizing medieval instruments.:D

    To be honest some songs work better than others since tempo is not affected, so part of it might not sounds like a typical old song even with the old instruments.

    This is " Crazy Train"

  • Not really medieval or bardcore. But it is Christopher Lee (Saruman, Count Dooku) singing Metal versions of Christmas songs when he was 91.

    Certainly not what I was thinking I'd find in this s thread, HAHAHA!

    Great find. I wouldn't mind listening to it next Christmas.

  • I've been listening to the channel Kaynil posted for a good little bit now. I am really digging that chill vibes, ye olde musik stylings.

    Glad to hear it wasn't just me, haha!

    This one honestly works so dang well

    Thanks for sharing that one, I like the little changes to the bridge, and how the lyrics don't really need as much alteration as other songs, haha.

    Oh, I also think it interesting to bring this other video of her in which she is singing an actual piece from the 12th century.
    I think it is quite interesting. I'll add below what she said about it in the description of her video.