What country are you in?

  • Oh crap did i say USA actually i live in the sacred realms.... ah well one can wish, USA's not that great....

  • Calm your torches... Or is it flash lights? :lol:

    Nah, not poking fun at US language compared to UK, though I can see why it could have read like that.

    My comment was in response to this part of the post:

    Quote from Link (guest)

    Added the main English speaking countries. lol.

    What I mean is that back in good ol' '07 I was living in Mexico. Which is not an English speaking country and thus didn't appear in the poll, but Australia does. Haha.

  • I was making a joke about you formerly being a Mexican living in a border town of an American city. (it was a poor taste joke)

    Lots of democrat legislators are trying to get voting rights for non-US citizens. They are trying to maintain office positions with an illicit “brown” vote. By pandering and offering more benefits towards illegal immigrants than they provide to natural born peoples of every ethnic background.