Team Four Star: DBZ Abridged

  • Here's the whole playlist with all the Episodes:

    It will automatically start with the first one, you can choose in the menu on the top left of the playlist. :)

    Man. I have a lot of catch up to do. I last watched while they were still in Namek.
    Krillin Pwnage count was pretty funny. Thanks for bringing the topic.
    I definitely recommend it to anyone that has watched DBZ or has an interest for it.

    . . .

    I have catched up. While some things were a bit cringey (like Jeice) and some gags kind of missed the mark for me, some others were just spot on and the quality of the dub and edits really shows. They are getting so good at it.
    What I love about this particular one is how they manage to change a few details according to the assigned personalities of some characters and still make it fit. Also the way they lampshade the incongruences and weird logic behind some decisions in the show. I think another think I enjoy a lot from it is all the references added from other games and pop culture.... and the "Krillin own'd" counter.
    The "no one mess with a white mage" as an answer to Vegeta life-threat made me laugh so much, then you have shout outs to Final fantasy, Metal gear solid and many more references that I might be missing.

  • Parodies are good only if they are done right.

    Parodies done right is kind of a subjective thing. Also you can start not liking a show for its humour and then after you ease into it you end up liking it.
    Anyway, I think TFS is alright. It keeps a lot of the story as the source material but also adds a few spins of their own so people that know DBZ can also have things to look forward.

  • Guys! Guys! The internet is exploding because Youtube has taken down TFS channel without any notification!

    I guess with the whole incidents that have been happening lately, it is not taht surprising.