Need a Story title

  • I have a story, and I don't like the title. Reminds me too much of Eragon, so I was wondering if a few people can help me with ideas.

    The story is about Shrukan, a 15 year old Scalix (dragon-human), who's step-parents, Argath and Nava Caelestis, were burned to death in their home. He's off to find the master of the Shadow Beast that killed his parents and kill him. On the way he finds a few friends who tag along to help defeat the master. They are Zagar (the spirit wolf), Damuel (God of Fire), Coulbe (God of Ice) (yes Coulbe let me use that name), Agail (God of Wind), and Akina (Goddess of Light).

    What I need is a good name grabber for the story. The story is almost like Eragon, but not entirely.

    So help?

  • Journey of Scales

    A Bred Vengeance

    Untamed Hatred

    I'll think of more later...

  • The Celestial Alliance of Justice
    Scales of Rancorous Retribution
    A Voyage of Vengeance
    A Vindictive Righteousness
    The Burning Flames of Justice
    The Divinely Collaboration
    A Revenge To Avenge
    An Untamed Anger
    The Fires of Cessation
    An Enkindled Hatred
    The Ignited Endeavour

  • Perhaps you should reserve a title for later... Say you get deep into the story, and create a very important element. You could use that "important element" as the title.
    Almost like how the titles for Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess work out. They weren't introduced immediately -- but they are VERY important for the stories they play in.

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  • I'm not really sure. Its just about Shrukan getting revenge on the man who contrls the shadow beasts (Avinash Sulfura) and controlling his elemental powers. You do know in the RPG part of this forum that Shrukan can't control his powers perfectly. He has problems with controlling them, lack of sword training, and having an uncontrolable growth spurt (SP??) half way through the story.

    He also has a light and dark side, and I hope this helps. :/

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    The legend of shrukan

    Lol, the original name was Legend of the Scalix.... lol.

    Man its hard to come up with a name for this book, but I made Oraca and the Oracle of Beginning easy. lol