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    Well, this is undoubtably going to be my last Smash Bros. Brawl update here, so I might as well take it while I can. :P

    Today's update: Zero Suit Samus's special moves.

    <Standard Special Move: Paralyzer>

    Bzzzzzzzzzzt! I can?t get enough of this.

    A personal protection device, the paralyzer stuns opponents. If you can charge it up for a bit, you can land additional attacks while your opponent is stunned.

    But this is only self-defense at best. It does not have the power of an explosive attack. Where and when you use this is key.

    What really brings out some characteristic Samus skills is when this gun transforms and releases a whip: the Plasma Whip.

    <Side Special Move: Plasma Whip>

    The flash at the tip of this short whip is quite powerful!

    <Up Special: Plasma Wire>

    Shoot it straight up to pull enemies toward you!

    These two moves can be used to grab and hang from an edge. They can reach even if the ledge is pretty far away, so pay close attention to distance and timing and aim to dangle from the edge.

    Pzzzzt! What a magnificent edge grab!

    ~Not a bad moveset, I suppose, though most of the specials deal with that plasma whip...
    From the looks of it, the whip's sweetspot will be at the tip, kind of like how Marth's sword was most powerful when he hit an opponent with it at the very tip of it.


    ((Darkrai's final entry... here at last.
    Hope you enjoyed the series, even if it is rather incomplete, eheh. Sorry about that.))

    September 28, ???? -- Exact year: Unknown

    Into the Blue...


    It has been... an interesting experience... writing these journal entries. I have gone through a slew of turmoil, physically, mentally, and emotionally, it seems. I have conquered my own personal desires, cast aside a false god, and prevailed over a broken Heart... even going so far as to join the Team of a Trainer... a species I could never stand.


    What if...

    all that has been seen, is really not as it seems?

    I have mentioned the She-Darkrai... Arceus... Shaymin... I have reminisced on the past, the Birth of the World, the Origins of monumental landmarks such as the Battle Tower, the Shadow Master's Turnback Cave, even recollected on the meanings behind smaller details as Regigigas's Slow Start, and Mew being the Ultimate Creation...

    But... What if I were to say...

    that everything you learned from me...
    everything you read...
    everything you heard...

    had been nothing more than a lie?

    What if... all the stories I spoke... have been nothing more than that? Stories? Conjured up... from my Brilliance?

    What if I said... that I had never met the Shadow Master, Giratina? That I have no ties with him whatsoever? As a matter of fact, I am not even on that Boy's team... He was nothing more than a droplet so to quench my plot's thirst for adventure...
    The She-Darkrai... She was never existent in my life. In my story, she was born and destroyed... but what if I said I had never so much as met one such as her in my lifetime?
    Cresselia, I hardly know Her... We may have ties, yes, but in real life we hardly know one another. She stays on her island, I stay on mine... on my Newmoon... Yes, I create NightMares, but not on a regular basis. The fact from fiction is that it is only on New Moons do I go out to cause such mischievous deeds... I inflict Trainers and Pokemon with horrid NightMares... but only for one night. And Cresselia, She does not appear. In fact, if one wants to be rid of a NightMare, one related to the inflicted must approach Cresselia themselves and bring back with them a Lunar Wing... Cresselia does not do it Herself.

    The terrorizing of the Organizations... That never occurred. Of course, over the course of years, there have been evil organizations, but they have been layed to rest individually by the hands of other Trainers... Not by one single Trainer.

    The entire journal... was one big book. What you read, has been nothing more than a fairy tale... myself being the author. I have thought so long, worked so hard to make a moving plot... and convey a message that I hoped would open the eyes of so many gone blind.
    That, no matter how bleak things may seem, nor how evil one may be... goodness... and love... will always prevail. It has been seen time and time again... No matter what evil rises, it will always fall. Even the most Dark Hearted give in to the pressures of Love. It is undeniable, to say the least...


    I am Darkrai Darkurai. I am the Pitch-Black Pokemon... dubbed the Prince of Darkness. I have been known to create Bad Dreams... and to have an open and active mind... to be cunning... and deceitful. My reputation is well known in these lands... Ask any Pokemon, and they will tell you of me.
    I can fool the foolish... and outsmart the most brilliant. I have even been known to...

    brainwash the gullible... into believing whatever words I speak...

    ...But who is to say these words ring true? Who is to say I truly am so devious a soul?
    Who is to say...

    I am still...

    Dark Hearted?

    You may lead a Ponyta to water...
    but you cannot make it drink...

    I have told of two stories here.
    Only one of them... holds the truth.
    Only one... is my Life.

    Whichever you choose... is up to you.

    I am Darkrai Dakurai... the Pitch-Black Pokemon... conveyer of NightMares... and the Prince of Darkness.

    And it is here that I bid thee...

    ~Darkrai Darkurai
    Entries of a Dark Heart

    See you later, Twilight Link.

    * * *

    Well, after a bit of debating, I decided to stick my exit in here, rather than the Community topic. This topic just felt more suiting, I suppose. Heh.

    As I'm sure some of you may already know, come tomorrow I'll be off to go ship out for the military, the Air Force. So... needless to say, I'll be out for... a long time.
    I just wanted to post this in here ahead of time, so it wouldn't be bothering me come tomorrow morning. Things are going to be pretty hectic then, considering it's Columbus Day and all, and I have no clue when I may wake up. I'll be doing quite a bit, so I have no idea if I'll have a chance to say farewells.

    All I ask is that you keep me in your thoughts, and that you wish me luck. This is going to be quite an experience for me, that much I can say right now...
    As for how long I'll be gone, I really don't know. Basic Training is about 6 weeks (a month and a half), but I've heard the schooling afterward can range from 9 months to a year and a half. It all depends on the job I choose, naturally. But, of course, just because I'll be gone a while... doesn't mean I'll be gone forever. I may just pop in here whenever I find the time (don't take my word for it/get your hopes up, eheh).

    So... yeah. If this community lasts until I get back, which I'm sure it will, just want to say thanks to everyone here for helping me prep up to this moment. I've experienced a whole lot here, from being a moderator to just trying to help out as a normal member... It certainly was one hell of a ride. :wwgdorf:

    I wish all of you luck... and I hope to see you all again someday soon.

    *Just a side note, I MAY get a chance to post in here tomorrow... That's a big MAY. If not... well, the above still stands. :P

    ^ Sorry, Shrukan. I've been planning something like this out since my soph'more year in high school; can't turn back down now. :(

    Well... here are two of my pictures.
    A Before,

    The Before one is before I got a hair cut last night... It'll be a number of years before I grow out like THAT again, eheh.
    The Semi-After is, of course, afterwards. I still need to shave, though, hence the "Semi-".

    I was so very tempted to get Photoshop and add that pixel-censoring on my face in these pictures... XD

    The shots are horrible... That's what I get for using an older cell phone, eheh.

    Ah, I had that a LOOOOOONG time ago... That was a cool game, until I downloaded some cheat characters (one in particular being Super 17... He'd take you out in about three hits tops :\ ), and they thrashed me continually. I loved the huge roster... but it was very unbalanced at times. Plus, the sound didn't work for me. Don't know why.

    Regardless, it's very hard to come across a lot of characters with MUGEN anymore. Too bad I got rid of mine... Had I known better, I would have kept 'em. :P

    Well, then.

    As a result of my inevitable departure in a mere day or two timeframe, I shall be posting a picture or two of myself as soon as I can find the time to (on the Wii at the moment).
    And yes, you WILL be able to see me. They won't be as enigmatic as the last one I posted up, I'm sure... ;)