The Minish Cap- Is it first in the Timeline? (also misc things to mention)

  • "A Long time ago there was a land that was threatened by evil creatures. A man stood up and was given a blade by small creatures called Picori and a Golden power. With these two items, he slayed evil and brought back peace. Everyone now takes care of the sword, treating it as a Sacred Instrument."

    A basic idea of the beginning of The Minish Cap.

    According to one site:

    • The Hero of Men is not the Hero of Time
    • The Hero of Men, Gustaf, Defeated the evil and locked it away in a chest and became King of Hyrule and almost every child in his bloodline was named Zelda.
    • The "Races" of Hyrule were fighting one another for the Triforce.
    • The Golden Power had no connection to the Triforce.
    • In the beginning of the game, Link is hatless
    • The Minish Cap shows how Link got the Hat.

    Here's what I think:

    • Ocarina of Time came first, and TMC came sometime after. Of course since there was no mention of the Hero of Time, it doesn't mean that he doesn't exist before hand. This could be many years after OOT, and because of the constant change of Hyrule, most likely Hylians began to lose their religion and faith in some parts and then completely forgot about the evil banishing Master Sword, OR for the fact that the Master Sword had been locked away far from mortal ears to prevent anyone from shattering it. Thus people had nothing to rely on to defeat evil and the Picori made a new sword that was about as strong. However the Picori blade simply sealed spirits, not permanently removed them.
    • The hat explains nothing. It was just a gift to Link from Ezlo. In the beginning of OoT, the Tunic and Hat were Kokiri Clothing. The Kokiri didn't mention about how it started.
    • Vaati was sealed in the Four Sword and the Four Sword was placed in the Four Sword sanctuary in FS/FSA only to be later released. The fact that in FS it said that a man that battled and defeated Vaati has split into 4 versions of himself also points out that TMC comes out before FS and after Ocarina of Time
    • After Teen/Adult Link travels back in time at the end of OoT, it doesn't mean that the fact the Timeline ended after that. In ALTTP and TWW, it was shown that the Links had no connection to the Hero of Time at all in bloodline. Even Jabun questions it. In ALTTP, Link was a descendant of the Knights of Hyrule that defended that sages that weent and sealed the Dark World. However I do not think these sages built the Master Sword, but the Original 6 in Ocarina of Time. In TWW, Link was simply an Island boy. Perhaps the goddesses created a boy that they wanted to be like the Original hero? Who knows.
    • After mentioning the part about Link being the descendant of a long line of Knights in ALTTP, that brings to mind OOS and OOA Link (who is the one and the same). I read somewhere that the Link from OOS and OOA was also a descendant, oddly enough.
    • MM and TP of course happen after the Ocarina of Time. Why Twilight Princess? Because of the Skeleton Mentor/Hero's Shade that teaches you the new moves when you call upon him by the Howling stones. The mentor also mentions "only the person with the blood of the hero can learn these moves". That also hints it is a Link that was born from the Hero of Time or is in fact the Hero of Time himself. Other evidence shows that the mentor calls Link "son", thus probably pointing out that they are related. Why does he not wear the traditional clothing? The armor he currently is wearing is probably some gift he got in another Zelda.

    This is just what I am thinking right now, and I can't think of anything else. If you have a reason to object right now, go ahead.

    Edit: Some other misc posts from other forums.

    Quote from Shrukan

    Perhaps someone dropped items? Perhaps they wanted to keep the items in the pots? Perhaps some lava sealed up items in rocks and hardened into rocks? There's a lot to mention.

    Not for the fact that the hat is not important. All other boys had hats as well, but possibly made more different or thicker. Something that's made out of cloth and is thicker can stand taller, but it doesn't mean that TMC explains how Link got the hat. Nintendo could have stated that the hat was passed down in generations of Kokiri from a great hero, but they never did. Also, how did the Kokiri get something from out of the woods if they have no connection to the outside world?

  • I agree that the Hat Means nothing.
    Its simple.
    I don't see how people make the connection from starting off hatless to being the first game in an entire series.
    Geez.I mean, come on people.Be serious.
    It would be pretty lame for link to have to take off his hat to accommodate elzo..

    EDIT: Bleh @ the site that says Gustav is the Hero Of Men.
    We've no proof...Let me guess...gametrailers said that didn't they?

  • I believe it was Game Trailers.