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    It amuses me this thread got bumped today. Last tuesday we did a podcast for the Spanish side of the communities and I was talking about Vaati.

    I basically see him as a mixture of other villains but without going to the extreme. He has multiple transformations and he has a humanoid begining (like Ganon), shows some childish pranking traits like turning his master into a hat when he forbade him touching the granting-wishing one (just like skull kid turned Kafei into a kid).

    For me Vaati is more chaos than just plain evil. He likes to play with pray to amuse himself rather than going for the straight kill. He is a show off, who rather than stopping Link, he underestimated him and taunted him right until he was in the final battle when Link gave him a spank that made him realise his mistake.

    He is also fond of the ladies, being the first thing when he is released to kidnap the beautiful lady he saw to force her to marry him.

    If :FSA: is anything to go by, he was never the big shot he thought of himself, having Ganon using him as a mere distraction to slow Link as he knew Vaati would be defeated.

    Anyway, an interesting character that got my attention from the begining. As it seems like have the circumstances been different he would had just been a trickster picori but his obsession to be the best and his attraction to the dark hearts twisted him until he became that one-eyed purple blub with tweezers and overly small wings.