Does someone still play this?

  • I want to play it but most people I know live in America and I live in Europe. I am trying to get an american copy and an american 2DS or 3DS to be able to do it. <3

    Yu_gamer were you able to find more people to play with?

    There is a discord server for people playing this game. They seem to still be active today.

  • That's cool!

    Hope you get it.

    I thought no one was gonna reply anymore TBH, lol. I haven't finished the game because of some problems with my internet and playing it solo isn't fun :/

    Thanks for replying :)

    Man, I've been out of action for the past months due to personal issues, so I missed your thread when you arrived to the community. Allow me to give you a super late welcome. XD

    To be honest I am even more surprised that even after this time you still reacted to my reply. That's not something I see every day. It really made my day.

    I get what you mean. I tried playing solo for a while but it isn't the same in a game that is obviously meant to be shared. I learned the hard way I couldn't connect with most of my contacts because of the region change. Probably by now those contacts already moved on, haha.

    Once I get my US copy , I'll make sure to nudge and hopefully we can coincide and play some rounds together. If Link is still up for it we could make a team, haha.

    My friend code and Link's are in our profiles, so feel free to add us.
    I'll be adding you soon. probably next time I am online. It's almost midnight here so I can't search for my 3DS freely around the house, haha.